October 14th, 2005


Checking out the neighbours

Characters: Gunn, Gwen, Wes, Faith?, anyone else?, NPCs from Gunn's gang
Date: Day 14, night.
Setting: The camp

We move swiftly and quietly through Griffith park towards the camp. I've brought Alicia and DeSean along with me. Figured some of the gang ought to meet the... other gang, rather than me keeping Gwen and Wes and co. as my own little personal secret. Made most of the journey underground, but the last bit, through the park, no real choice but to surface. Fortunately there's a fair bit of woods for cover.

Some of the folks knew about AI from old times, but a lot of the newer ones had only heard the odd snippet here and there. Told them a few tales now and then, 'bout Angel and co. And I didn't exaggerate my role that much.

"So, how long did you work with these guys again?" asked DeSean as we were heading through the sewers.

"Two years, bit more. Till about a year before the Catastrophe."

"And you were like, this Angel dude's number two, right?"

"Well... it was pretty much a team thing," I say, not wanting them to have the wrong idea about where me and Wesley stood.

"But he was a vampire? asked Alicia.

"Yeah. But a good one. Most of the time. 'cept when he got some. Or thought he was gettin' some in some vision he got from a wierd mystic guy." I ramble on.


"Long story. But yeah, from what I hear, he was fighting the good fight right to the end. Got dusted during the Catastrophe"

"So why did you leave that crew?" asked DeSean

"Another long story," I reply curtly. "Probably best not to dwell on. But we're cool now."

"So anyway, they've got your Electrogirlfriend down at this camp..."

"She's not my girlfriend!" I snap back at Alicia

"...this book guy Wesley, a wounded Vampire Slayer, a Wicca who won'ta, your genius scientist ex, a werewolf, a former mystical key... am I missing anyone?"

"There's some guy called Xander, but I've no clue where he fits in. I think he used to hang out in Sunnydale with Angel's ex."

"That's our wounded Slayer."

"No... that was the other Slayer that I never met. Or so I'm told." I smile as I remember Wesley & Cordy's performance as the star-crossed lovers.

"Remind me again," said Alicia, "about the way they're not going to blow us to pieces for a bunch of marauding demons the moment they hear something coming?"

"Gwen's told them we're coming." I pray silently that that's true. "And... we'll give a signal."

"Which is?" asked DeSean

"Would that be the 'hey there entire local demon population, we're humans!' signal?" said Alicia.

"I've got a torch... not many demons use electric light," DeSean suggests.

"Might help," I say. "We'll manage. Most of 'em know my voice."

"Real reassuring" says Alicia.

So now we're in the park, heading gingerly towards the camp, through the woods. I have a fair idea where it is, from when I bumped into Gwen the other time, plus her description. DeSean has his torch out, turned off for now.

Not far from the camp we hear some rustling ahead. Doesn't sound too heavy. We stop dead. I breathe deeply. Well, one of us is going to have to take the risk that the other's human. And hopefully this near the camp there's a pretty good chance whatever's coming the other way is. DeSean looks at me, but I shake my head. Too sudden for someone out alone.

"Hey, Gunn. anyone there?" I say as loudly as I dare.

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