June 10th, 2005

faith in chains - mara_sho


Characters: Faith, Xander
Date: Day Seven
Setting: Griffin Park, main camp
Rating: PG-13

Wes walks away to look for Willow and I sigh a little as he leaves. It's great that he has this confidence in me, that he believes in me, but I can't help the feeling that it's more than a little misplaced.

I go over the confrontation in my head, trying to figure out a way in, trying to figure out how to talk to Xander. One thing he said keeps repeating in my head. What the hell happened to the big bad 'don't need anyone' Faith. That's the way in. It has to be.

I square my shoulders, put on my best 'don't fuck with me' expression, and turn to face him.

"Wanna tell me what crawled up your butt and died?"

{{Open to Xander}}


I head towards the stream, hoping that Willow just stormed out of view until things died down. As the stream comes into view there's no sign of Willow though. Damn Xander. If Willow's gone and managed to actually get herself killed this time I'd be more than happy to see Xander follow the same fate.

"Willow?" I shout out, hoping she hasn't gone too far.

{Open to Willow}
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not broken - mara_sho


Characters: Xander, Dawn
Date: Day Seven
Setting: Griffin Park, main encampment
Rating: PG-13

Must be a record for me, pissing off three people all in one afternoon. Actually - nah, that's not a record, that was pretty much the norm for me. I smile a little humourlessly as I realize it's exactly the same mix - Slayer, Witch and Watcher. Must be a knack.

I walk away - I do feel guilty about the way I spoke to Willow, it's just... she comes in and expects everything to be just like it was, expects me to be just like I was. She doesn't seem to get that we've changed. That I've changed. And yeah, so maybe I resent her for seeming to stay the same.

I kick angrily at the gravel - putting that down was one of the first things I insisted on, means no one can really sneak up us so long as they're gravity-bound. It's just the bastards in the air we have to worry about setting up an early warning system for. As I make my way back to the fire to drop off the logs I cut, I see Dawn sitting there staring into the flames.

I stack the freshly cut wood in the pile and drop down onto the flat boulder next to her.


{{open to Dawn}}