June 9th, 2005

xan//smile - korn_peep

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Characters: Xander, Willow, Faith, Wesley
Date: Day Seven
Setting: Griffin Park, main encampment
Rating: PG-13

I frown a little as I see Faith head over to speak to Willow, after what she said in the woods the other night I didn't think she wanted anything to do with her. Looks peaceful enough though; awkward as hell from what I can see, but no actual violence.

Resolving to keep checking on them, just to be sure, I turn to cut some more wood for the fire. Keeping busy, doing manual work like this, helps clear my mind. Helps me focus on things a little more.

There's something kinda soothing about the act of cutting logs and I smile as I think maybe I do get the whole zen thing Willow's meditation brings her. Just a shame I only get this way wielding an axe. Wonder what that says about my ability to fit into normal society?

I can hear movement approaching and I turn to my right, bringing whoever - or whatever - it is into focus.

Willow's leaning on Faith and holding her left hand high in the air. She's bleeding.

I drop the axe in an instant and rush over to them, dimly aware that Wes is heading this way fast.

"What did you do to her?" I demand.

{{open to Wesley, Willow and Faith}}