June 8th, 2005

Broody Will


I kneel by the stream washing my face. It’s been nearly a day since I spoke - well - argued with Oz, and since then it’s been almost as if The Gentlemen were back in town. No-one talks to each other. The silence was a like a friend in Sunnydale, but here it’s oppressive.

It’s as I’m drying my face on my jacket that I notice the sharp stone in the stream - it’s almost knife shaped and reminds me a little of my Athame. I pick it up and place it in my pocket, figuring that it might come in useful if we’re attacked.

Sitting back on my heels and looking around - I notice Faith a little way off. She’s obviously not noticed me as she’s still heading in my direction. Sighing, I wait for her to spot me and turn around - avoiding me like she’s done every time she’s seen me since I arrived.

{{Open to Faith}}