April 21st, 2005

faith in chains - mara_sho

The Hunter Returns

Characters: Faith, Dawn, Gwen, Oz
Date: Day One
Setting: Griffin Park
Rating: PG-13

I glance around, looking for any signs of movement, of danger. Nothing. I keep as much to the shadows as possible trying not to draw any attention to my location. The others keep trying to tell me to stop doing this alone; but hell, it’s not like I’ve ever really been part of the group is it? ‘Sides, anyone else’d be a liability right now. I can handle myself, more or less, but I can’t go looking out for other people any more. Not since that bitch took me out without breaking a sweat.

No, I’m better off alone. At least where this is concerned.

There – movement up ahead. I freeze in my tracks, it’s small but that doesn’t mean it’ll be an easy target. I take my time, letting it come out into the open. I keep a wary eye on my surroundings, I’m close to the danger zone here, the hunting parties don’t usually come out by day but there are exceptions. Last thing I want to do is prove the others right by getting myself killed out here on my own.

A dark thought flashes through my mind. Maybe that’s exactly what I want, I shouldn’t have been the one to walk away from the battle. It should never have been me.

I push the thought down, but not away. It’s always with me these days, and if I ever think I might get over all it all I have to do is see the accusation in Pip’s eyes and know that I should have been the one to die that day.

Finally my prey is in the clear and I take aim, never really been all that good with distance weapons – I much prefer getting my hands dirty, but these days I don’t really have a lot of choice in the matter. I pull the bowstring taut and let the arrow fly. It hits my target dead centre and I let go of the breath I’ve been holding. I run over quickly and claim my prize, shoving it deep into the bag with the others.

The sky’s starting to get dark, the hunters will be out soon. I take a look at my catch – nowhere near enough for everyone, but it’s better than nothing I guess. I gather up my bow and quickly head back to camp. I take a twisting route deliberately, might take longer but there’s less chance of anything – or anyone – being able to track me that way.

I can’t see anyone on guard but as I step forward a twig snaps off to one side, I smile a little sadly – out of everything I’ve lost lately, I really miss being able to spot when someone’s sneaking up on me. Stepping towards the small fire, I open my bag and upend it onto the flat stones. As the dead rabbits hit the ground I say softly, “Honey. I’m home.”

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