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OOC Admin post

On behalf of the players, I want to thank you all for your support of this game since it began. Unfortunately I have to announce that the game is now on permanent hiatus.

I want to take this opportunity to say I have loved playing this game, writing with you guys has been amazing and you've pushed me to improve my writing and to have confidence in myself. I love each and every one of you.

And to our readers, thank you all for sticking with us, for following the stories, for getting involved. We all appreciate your interest more than I can put into words.

Maybe, hopefully, some time in the future, we can bring this group of players together again and bring these stories to a conclusion.

I hope each and every one of these characters finds their peace. I hope Oz realises that he is loved and cherished; I hope Wesley realises he is needed, that he is not to blame for the spell going awry; I hope Gwen stops putting herself in danger and truly joins the group; I hope Gunn and his crew can work with the Sunnydale survivors and bring much needed experience to the camp; I hope Willow stops trying to solve everyone's problems and learns that she is loved no matter what; I hope that Fred steps up to the plate in the way I know she is capable of; I hope Sian figures out what's happened to her and learns to enjoy it; I hope Dawn doesn't forget who she is and knows she has touched more hearts than she ever thought possible; I hope Xander doesn't go down the self-deprecating path he had one foot on; I hope Faith finds the fun.

These guys are survivors, it's what they do.

Thank you all.

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Checking out the neighbours

Characters: Gunn, Gwen, Wes, Faith?, anyone else?, NPCs from Gunn's gang
Date: Day 14, night.
Setting: The camp

We move swiftly and quietly through Griffith park towards the camp. I've brought Alicia and DeSean along with me. Figured some of the gang ought to meet the... other gang, rather than me keeping Gwen and Wes and co. as my own little personal secret. Made most of the journey underground, but the last bit, through the park, no real choice but to surface. Fortunately there's a fair bit of woods for cover.

Some of the folks knew about AI from old times, but a lot of the newer ones had only heard the odd snippet here and there. Told them a few tales now and then, 'bout Angel and co. And I didn't exaggerate my role that much.

"So, how long did you work with these guys again?" asked DeSean as we were heading through the sewers.

"Two years, bit more. Till about a year before the Catastrophe."

"And you were like, this Angel dude's number two, right?"

"Well... it was pretty much a team thing," I say, not wanting them to have the wrong idea about where me and Wesley stood.

"But he was a vampire? asked Alicia.

"Yeah. But a good one. Most of the time. 'cept when he got some. Or thought he was gettin' some in some vision he got from a wierd mystic guy." I ramble on.


"Long story. But yeah, from what I hear, he was fighting the good fight right to the end. Got dusted during the Catastrophe"

"So why did you leave that crew?" asked DeSean

"Another long story," I reply curtly. "Probably best not to dwell on. But we're cool now."

"So anyway, they've got your Electrogirlfriend down at this camp..."

"She's not my girlfriend!" I snap back at Alicia

"...this book guy Wesley, a wounded Vampire Slayer, a Wicca who won'ta, your genius scientist ex, a werewolf, a former mystical key... am I missing anyone?"

"There's some guy called Xander, but I've no clue where he fits in. I think he used to hang out in Sunnydale with Angel's ex."

"That's our wounded Slayer."

"No... that was the other Slayer that I never met. Or so I'm told." I smile as I remember Wesley & Cordy's performance as the star-crossed lovers.

"Remind me again," said Alicia, "about the way they're not going to blow us to pieces for a bunch of marauding demons the moment they hear something coming?"

"Gwen's told them we're coming." I pray silently that that's true. "And... we'll give a signal."

"Which is?" asked DeSean

"Would that be the 'hey there entire local demon population, we're humans!' signal?" said Alicia.

"I've got a torch... not many demons use electric light," DeSean suggests.

"Might help," I say. "We'll manage. Most of 'em know my voice."

"Real reassuring" says Alicia.

So now we're in the park, heading gingerly towards the camp, through the woods. I have a fair idea where it is, from when I bumped into Gwen the other time, plus her description. DeSean has his torch out, turned off for now.

Not far from the camp we hear some rustling ahead. Doesn't sound too heavy. We stop dead. I breathe deeply. Well, one of us is going to have to take the risk that the other's human. And hopefully this near the camp there's a pretty good chance whatever's coming the other way is. DeSean looks at me, but I shake my head. Too sudden for someone out alone.

"Hey, Gunn. anyone there?" I say as loudly as I dare.

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faith//gun - mara_sho


Characters: Faith, Wesley, Xander, Dawn, Fred, Jim
Date: Day Thirteen - late
Setting: Griffin Park, main encampment
Rating: PG-13 (warning for language)

My eyes widen as I see the scene unfold over Wesley's shoulder. Xander and Dawn coming up from the stream, with... someone supported between them. Someone? Guy's in worse shape than I am right now.

"What the fuck?!" The words are out before I can censor them and before Wes has a chance to react I step away from him, towards the newcomers.
faith in chains - mara_sho

Not a victim

Characters: Faith, Wesley
Date: Day Thirteen
Setting: Griffin Park, main encampment
Rating: PG-13

God, I hate this! Lying around, doing nothing? Hate it. Everyone’s done fussing around me now, ‘though they still drop in on me from time to time. Checking up on me. Treating me like I’m helpless.

Maybe that’s because I am.

Dammit! I have to stop this – I will not be a victim.

I sit up, taking a few breaths, making sure the pain is bearable. I can do this. Twisting round a little I look down to check there’s no new blood. I frown a little as I see the jumble of… things stuck in me. Hairgrips? Plastic? What the fuck? Okay, so maybe it saved me back then, but I’m not going to walk around like a two-year-old’s dress-up doll. I grit my teeth and pull. I can feel something tear a little and a little pain, but it’s bearable. I can do this.

There’s blood now, not much, but enough to be a nuisance if I don’t stop it, so I tear a strip of material from the stretcher I’ve been laid out on since the attack. Huh, looks like someone’s shirt. I wrap it around the wound, pulling it tight and wincing a little at the constriction as I tie it off. Satisfied it’ll hold for now, I look around, no one seems to be nearby – good. No one’ll see me if I fall.

I force myself to stand and after the dizziness fades I take a few steps on shaky legs. Not great, but not bad either. I let myself smile a little and try again. Maybe I can make it to the stream and back. It’s doable, It has to be.

A few steps away from the fire and I run out of handholds. I won’t let this get to me, I have to do this – have to prove to myself that I don’t need anyone else. So of course there’s a stone in my path, and of course I fall.

I clutch at my side as I go down, trying not to let the wound open again, and twist as I fall. My knees hit the dirt and the jarring pain takes my breath away. I gasp for air, man this hurts!


{{open to Wesley}}

Strange New World

People are still keeping to themselves, me included. Willow arriving really does seem to have upset the balance here, yet I still find myself on the fringes. Would any of them really notice if I just left? How long would it be before they noticed, and would they try to find me?

I can't seem to get it right. I didn't let myself get close to any of them because I didn't want to hurt any more, yet when I do open up to Willow, she pushes me away. I don't think anyone would really notice me gone.

My mind made up I weave my way through the camp, keeping to the shadows to make sure I'm not seen. Not that it would be too difficult as no-one's looking for me. As I reach my bed area to grab a few things I think I'll need I notice a pair of eyes on me. The girl with the black market contacts, I can't remember her name. She's just standing there, with a smile on her face.


It couldn't do any harm to talk.


{Open to Gwen}

(no subject)

The first thing I notice when I actually start looking around the camp is that no one has brought any water up today. It doesn't surprise me. We've all been a bit timid about venturing off since Faith was attacked. Thing is, today is no more dangerous than yesterday. Or the day before that. Or last week.

It's with that thought in mind that I pick up a couple of containers and head toward the stream. Better to get the water now before it gets really dark...

I move quietly, trying to stay alert. Still though, I jump slightly when I see Xander appear seemingly out of no where on my right. I gasp softly. "Jeez, Xander. Make a little noise next time, will ya?"
faith in chains - mara_sho


Characters: Faith, Dawn, Willow
Date: Day Eleven
Setting: Griffin Park, main encampment
Rating: PG-13 (warning for language)

Something’s missing, I can’t place what it is. It’s annoying me that I can’t pinpoint it, it’s one of those things that’s been such a constant part of me that now it’s gone I can’t put a name to it…

The pain.

It dawns on me suddenly, the pain is gone. I try to raise my hand to my ribs to check but it feels as though I’m stuck in some kind of tar. I look down in panic and see a thick black cloud circling me, pinning my arms to my sides, stopping me from moving.

I’ve seen this cloud before.

I look up, expecting to see her, and sure enough there she is – just off in the distance, a skinny kid, all dark hair and eyes, staring at me. If it wasn’t for the utter confusion on her face I’d think she was causing this, that she was the one keeping me pinned here.

”No. You do this.”

Oh great, the animal voice is back. There’s a movement from behind me and I twist my head to follow it. A woman, all dreadlocks and rags, right behind me, crouching, stalking, hunting.

She’s a part of me, I’m a part of her. I look up again and see the skinny kid, she’s also part of this.

“You’re her, aren’t you?” I’m looking at the kid, but talking to the hunter. “You’re the First Slayer.”

The hunter tosses her head, I guess that’s a yes.

“And her?” I nod towards the kid.


I breathe a sigh of relief, the power isn’t gone then, it’s just skipped me.


“No? No what?”

”Not skipped. Lost.”

Great, as if I didn’t feel bad enough as it is. Yeah, I lost the power, but if there’s another Slayer out there… I blink as I remember my other dream – because I know in my heart this is a dream – the kid was linked to me by this cloud thing. But the other end of it was flapping free.

“She’s next in line? After me?” Again with the head-toss. Not much for words then. “And if I die without getting the power back…” I tail off, dreading the answer.

”No Slayer.”

My heart sinks like a stone. If I die, if I get myself killed, that’s it. No more Slayer, ever. And it’s all my fault.

I spin to face the hunter, vaguely aware that in doing it I’ve pushed back the cloud.

“So how do I get it back? And cut the mystical bullshit – either there’s a way or there’s not. Aint got time for riddles if I’ve fucked up the world.”

She bares her teeth at me, for a second I think maybe she’s going to attack but then this odd rumbling sound comes from her mouth and I realize she’s laughing. At me? My hackles go up instantly until I realize it’s not malicious. She’s laughing with me.

”Still in you. Need to find it. Need to connect.”

I frown at her, trying to puzzle out what she means and for a second I wish I had Xander here to act as a translator since this chick’s sounding more and more like the little green guy in Star Wars. Then it clicks. I haven’t lost the power, it’s still in me. I just have to find it again.

I turn to speak, to ask how to find it, but as soon as I move everything begins to whirl around me until I can’t focus. The cloud pinning me in place begins to move upwards, I try to fight against it as it covers my mouth and nose, suffocating me, it’s no use.

“No!” I hear myself shout as I sit upright. As soon as I do, I curl reflexively into a ball. The pain is back…

I hold my hand protectively over my ribs and feel something warm there. As I lift my hand to in front of my face I see the blood. Shit.

{{Open to Dawn and (eventually) Willow}}

Finding Treasures

Characters: Gwen/Wes
Date: Day Eleven
Setting: Griffith Park/encampment
Rating: PG-13

"What the...?" I trail off as I reach the bottom of the box I'd found in the back of Abigail's Sports store. Peering inside I bite back the laughter. Leave it to me to get a wooden box in a sports store that contains a false bottom. Dumping the box over, I pick up one of the crossbow arrows and use the tip to pry the wood loose. There had been over a dozen wooden boxes piled in the back room of the store and I had to pick this one to carry the bullets and arrows in.

The wood plank gives way after a hard pull and I reach my hand inside trying to feel what could have been hidden. "Son of a bitch." I roll my eyes as my fingers clutch around leather binding. A book? Well, it could be used as paper to keep a fire going if nothing else.

Glancing over my shoulder, I see Wes sitting on his own and I look back to the book in my hands. Maybe he'd like a bit of light reading, or target practice. Picking up a box of bullets, I keep to the perimeter and make my way toward him.

"Don't say I never buy you anything." I grin as I set the small box of bullets in front of him and sit beside him. "Okay, technically I still haven't bought you anything, but it's the thought that counts right?"
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Making a Deal

Characters: Gwen/Gunn
Date: Day Eleven (evening)
Setting: Gwen's apartment/Los Angeles
Rating: PG-13(Gwen cussing ahead)

I let the fingers of my glove-clad hand trail along the jaw of one of the bound demons. “This is what I like to see, free trade. And they said NAFTA was a bad idea.” I turn to look at the Lur-ite demon with a bored expression on my features. “They’re all here as agreed. If I learn that you or your brethren reneged on the deal, I’ll stop supplying the Gropler demons.” I shrug delicately, “No Gropler, no ritual. No ritual, no more Lur-ite and Mur-ites.”

The Lur-ite moved toward the bound demons, but I step between them. “No touching the merchandise until I see the supplies.” I raised my bare hand and let the electricity dance between my fingertips. “Now, where are my supplies?”

The demon raised its hand and motioned for the bag to be brought forward. I had planned on looting reservoirs of ammunition warehouses since demons weren’t concerned with those. These were mystical items, I’d wanted to supplant the apartment with.

I take the bag carefully, hoping not to get the slime on my outfit and open the bindings. A slow smile spreads across my features and I nod my head. “Perfect. Consider the deal made.” I glance up at the sky, gauging the time before I meet Gunn, then turn my attention to the demon. “They’re all yours.”

The squeals of terror echoing off the buildings are music to my ears as I turn toward my apartment and meeting Gunn. What could be better than getting the supplies needed and killing some demons? Sure, the Lur-ites will be able to hatch more of their own now, but the bigger picture is that the gang will survive better and longer now.

{{Open to Gunn}}
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Here we go again

I caught the smell of blood early but kept my distance, keeping up my patrol of the camp. Whatever happened it looked bad, and with the amount of blood Faith seemed to have lost didn't indicate otherwise.

After a while Xander and Willow leave, leaving Wes to look over Faith by himself, so it looks like she's going to be okay. I slowly make my way across to where she's lying, giving Wes a half-hearted smile. Her breathing's shallow and it looks like she's been coughing up blood as well.

I don't know how long I sit there, just looking, not really able to believe what I can see. Faith's the strongest of all of us. Not knowing what else to do I get up and start walking away, catching a glimpse of Willow walking back towards Faith as I do so.

{Open to Willow}