My novelty wears off ever so fast. (kooshtifer) wrote in _inthebackyard_,
My novelty wears off ever so fast.

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erm. is it homecoming king?

Name:not koosh, bryan
Age: 17
City, State: ontario cali, erm.. 909
Hobbies: erm.. sleep. lethargy in general. driving an hour to go see my bestest bester best (girl) and erm.. theatre. im one of those drama geeks, oh and being a carpenter techie <3 <3 and stage left manager, if anyone here knows what that is

Dislikes:intellectual eliteism. but thats because i am more prone to it
Favorite colors: green, fuschia

Favorite bands/musicians: erm.. against me!, anti-glaf, darkmoor, the start, less than jake, suburban legends, and relient K

Favorite movies: donnie darko, SLC punk, the dane cook dvd

Favorite book: the eyre affair, hitchikers guide to the galexy, most of jonothan carrol. oh and aot of ginsberg, TS elliot, and kerouac

Favorite foods/candy: gummi bears, they are amazing (toss a couple in a bottle of water and let them sit for like three days. the gorw like 300 percent)

Favorite photo: i dont understand but i like y icon one

Favorite era: the twenties <3 <3 flappers are damn cute. and the eighties. i love all that horrible music. lol.

favorite album: right now? relient K - mhmm of all time? against me! - is reinventing axl rose

favorite actor/actress: chrisopher walken is awesome, erm.. hmm.. winona ryder (sp)? and audrey hepburn. in that one movie where shes blind <333

faovrite store:

where did you promote us?: erm. hm.. i should go do that

Post at the most 3 pictures of yourself:


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