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Homecoming king

Age: 17
City, State: West milford, NJ
Hobbies: skiing, being a guster fan, writing in all different diarys, watching indi films
Dislikes: ketchup, mustard, mayo, mean ex boyfriends
Favorite colors: pink and green when worn together
Favorite bands/musicians: guster, dispatch, ben kweller, morrissey, madonna, rufus wainwright, ben folds, jewel, damien rice(just a few faves)
Favorite movies: I HEART HUCKABEES!!! requiem for a dream, 21 grams, sideways, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
Favorite book: toni morrison- beloved, gabriel garcia marquez- 100 years of solitude
Favorite foods/candy: popcorn flavored jelly beans
Favorite photo:uhh... the poster for the movie closer. jude law is uber-sexyy
Favorite era: im still in the 60's. lol
favorite album: want one- rufus wainwright
favorite actor/actress: sarah jessica parker (MY IDOL)
faovrite store: anthropologie

where did you promote us?: i'll promote you on my live journal. ? (where should i?)

Post at the most 3 pictures of yourself. go to my webshots... (pass the pickle though)

woo hooo add me!

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