October 10th, 2004

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City, State:escondido, ca
Hobbies: tennis, soccer, interior design
Dislikes: ignorance
Favorite colors:green and orange
Favorite bands/musicians: copeland, coldplay, modest mouse, comeback kid, the get up kids, dieradiodie, the beautiful mistake, ben folds, me first and the gimme gimmes, rufio, postal service, the rocket summer, where eagles dare, muse, mew, brand new, incubus
Favorite movies: the goonies, snatch, napoleon dynamite, the sandlot, clue
Favorite book: to kill a mocking bird, harry potter series, scarlet letter, beloved
Favorite foods/candy: anything with peanutbutter and chocolate
Favorite photo: the old vouge magazine pictures
Favorite era: the 70's
favorite album: beneath medicine tree-copeland
favorite actor/actress: steve martin/kate hudson
faovrite store: wet seal and hollywood vintage

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Post at the most 3 pictures of yourself.
go easy on me but be honest : )
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