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homecoming king

Name: mairead
Age: 14
City, State: st.paul, mn
Hobbies: dancing, singing, writing songs, poetry and skool, movies
Dislikes: football
Favorite colors: purple, black and pink
Favorite bands/musicians: weezer! switchfoot, ashley simpson god theres to many!
Favorite movies: so many! dirty dancing:havana nights, the village, mean girls and white chicks
Favorite book: the truth about forever
Favorite foods/candy: ice cream, pasta and anything spicy!
Favorite photo: um... iono wut u mean...
Favorite era: 80's all the way! the 50's where cool too!
favorite album: meaning cd? uhh..umm....weezer pinkerton
favorite actor/actress: adam sandler, chad micheal murray and mandy moore
faovrite store: hot topic, wet seal, gadzooks
where did you promote us?: on my asian avenue pagie

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