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HOMECOMING KING~~ without rich text mode:( love me anyhow

Name:Kelsey Huberty


City, State:St. Paul, MN

Hobbies:Sports, laughing, being with friends

Dislikes:close minded people

Favorite colors:bright ones

Favorite bands/musicians:dashboard, bright eyes, rhett miller


Favorite book:Perks of being a wallflower, 100 years of solitude

Favorite foods/candy:TACOD

Favorite photo:my kaleidoscope i took in photoclass, alas, i can not share it on here

Favorite era:the 60's, also the 90's cause they were whack

favorite album: The Places that You've Come to Fear the Most

favorite actor/actress:hmm....hard one, but ryan gossling is hotm and John Heder is hilarious

faovrite store: probably fossil sonce i only shop there

where did you promote us?:themost_genuine

Post at the most 3 pictures of yourself.

the links:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v140/theMOSTgenuine/theMOSTgenuine/counting_crows_001.jpg

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