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homecoming king

City, State:columbia heights, minnesota
Hobbies:la musica, internet, any kind of art, um, i play bass clarinet, i guess you could call that a hobby, and i like photography
Dislikes:not alot. ummm. yeah, i really can't think of anything at all right now
Favorite colors:pink, red, brown, green
Favorite bands/musicians:american head charge, coheed and cambria, eighteen visions, mars volta, blood brothers, the bled, the used, atreyu, ten, saosin, hanson,tbs, avril, socratic, emery, ashlee <3
Favorite movies:secret window, manic, the butterfly effect
Favorite book:freak the mighty
Favorite foods/candy:ramen, almond joy, skor.
Favorite photo: what???
Favorite era: 90's and 60's-70's
favorite album: wow this is hard. the used-maybe memories
favorite actor/actress:shane west ooh nummy. andd. betty white?? lol
faovrite store:salvation army

where did you promote us?: _uniquekids

Post at the most 3 pictures of yourself.


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