erm. is it homecoming king?

Name:not koosh, bryan
Age: 17
City, State: ontario cali, erm.. 909
Hobbies: erm.. sleep. lethargy in general. driving an hour to go see my bestest bester best (girl) and erm.. theatre. im one of those drama geeks, oh and being a carpenter techie <3 <3 and stage left manager, if anyone here knows what that is

Dislikes:intellectual eliteism. but thats because i am more prone to it
Favorite colors: green, fuschia

Favorite bands/musicians: erm.. against me!, anti-glaf, darkmoor, the start, less than jake, suburban legends, and relient K

Favorite movies: donnie darko, SLC punk, the dane cook dvd

Favorite book: the eyre affair, hitchikers guide to the galexy, most of jonothan carrol. oh and aot of ginsberg, TS elliot, and kerouac

Favorite foods/candy: gummi bears, they are amazing (toss a couple in a bottle of water and let them sit for like three days. the gorw like 300 percent)

Favorite photo: i dont understand but i like y icon one

Favorite era: the twenties <3 <3 flappers are damn cute. and the eighties. i love all that horrible music. lol.

favorite album: right now? relient K - mhmm of all time? against me! - is reinventing axl rose

favorite actor/actress: chrisopher walken is awesome, erm.. hmm.. winona ryder (sp)? and audrey hepburn. in that one movie where shes blind <333

faovrite store:

where did you promote us?: erm. hm.. i should go do that

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Homecoming king

Age: 17
City, State: West milford, NJ
Hobbies: skiing, being a guster fan, writing in all different diarys, watching indi films
Dislikes: ketchup, mustard, mayo, mean ex boyfriends
Favorite colors: pink and green when worn together
Favorite bands/musicians: guster, dispatch, ben kweller, morrissey, madonna, rufus wainwright, ben folds, jewel, damien rice(just a few faves)
Favorite movies: I HEART HUCKABEES!!! requiem for a dream, 21 grams, sideways, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
Favorite book: toni morrison- beloved, gabriel garcia marquez- 100 years of solitude
Favorite foods/candy: popcorn flavored jelly beans
Favorite photo:uhh... the poster for the movie closer. jude law is uber-sexyy
Favorite era: im still in the 60's. lol
favorite album: want one- rufus wainwright
favorite actor/actress: sarah jessica parker (MY IDOL)
faovrite store: anthropologie

where did you promote us?: i'll promote you on my live journal. ? (where should i?)

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(no subject)

Name: Alison
Age: 17
City, State: St. Paul, MN
Hobbies: Reading, writing, music, chillin with friends
Dislikes: People who have really conservative political view that are narrow-minded.
Favorite colors: Pink and Green
Favorite bands/musicians: The Postal Service, The Anniversary, The Violent Femmes, Sheryl Crow, Jessica Simpson, The Cure, the list goes on.
Favorite movies: Napoleon Dynamite, Freaky Friday, really old classic movies
Favorite book: "Postcards From The Edge"-Carrie Fisher
Favorite foods/candy: Macaroni and Cheese
Favorite photo: Photos of famous people from the 1920's.
Favorite era: 1920's and 1960's
favorite album: There are too many, but currently I've been listening to Liz Phair's self titled a lot.
favorite actor/actress: Julia Roberts
favorite store: Gap (their clearance rack is pretty sweet)

where did you promote us?: userlamedames</lj>

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(no subject)

City, State:escondido, ca
Hobbies: tennis, soccer, interior design
Dislikes: ignorance
Favorite colors:green and orange
Favorite bands/musicians: copeland, coldplay, modest mouse, comeback kid, the get up kids, dieradiodie, the beautiful mistake, ben folds, me first and the gimme gimmes, rufio, postal service, the rocket summer, where eagles dare, muse, mew, brand new, incubus
Favorite movies: the goonies, snatch, napoleon dynamite, the sandlot, clue
Favorite book: to kill a mocking bird, harry potter series, scarlet letter, beloved
Favorite foods/candy: anything with peanutbutter and chocolate
Favorite photo: the old vouge magazine pictures
Favorite era: the 70's
favorite album: beneath medicine tree-copeland
favorite actor/actress: steve martin/kate hudson
faovrite store: wet seal and hollywood vintage

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I Think I Get IT!

If I understand right we need one more person (to make 9) for when people apply all our votes count? So if I vote yes and grace votes yes but melissa, kelsey, sean and kenzie vote no, and then the other 3 people vote yes. Then that person would get the accepted picture and would get accepted? Or am I way off!?

I just don't understand this live journal community yet.
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homecoming king

Name: mairead
Age: 14
City, State: st.paul, mn
Hobbies: dancing, singing, writing songs, poetry and skool, movies
Dislikes: football
Favorite colors: purple, black and pink
Favorite bands/musicians: weezer! switchfoot, ashley simpson god theres to many!
Favorite movies: so many! dirty dancing:havana nights, the village, mean girls and white chicks
Favorite book: the truth about forever
Favorite foods/candy: ice cream, pasta and anything spicy!
Favorite photo: um... iono wut u mean...
Favorite era: 80's all the way! the 50's where cool too!
favorite album: meaning cd? uhh..umm....weezer pinkerton
favorite actor/actress: adam sandler, chad micheal murray and mandy moore
faovrite store: hot topic, wet seal, gadzooks
where did you promote us?: on my asian avenue pagie
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HOMECOMING KING~~ without rich text mode:( love me anyhow

Name:Kelsey Huberty


City, State:St. Paul, MN

Hobbies:Sports, laughing, being with friends

Dislikes:close minded people

Favorite colors:bright ones

Favorite bands/musicians:dashboard, bright eyes, rhett miller


Favorite book:Perks of being a wallflower, 100 years of solitude

Favorite foods/candy:TACOD

Favorite photo:my kaleidoscope i took in photoclass, alas, i can not share it on here

Favorite era:the 60's, also the 90's cause they were whack

favorite album: The Places that You've Come to Fear the Most

favorite actor/actress:hmm....hard one, but ryan gossling is hotm and John Heder is hilarious

faovrite store: probably fossil sonce i only shop there

where did you promote us?:themost_genuine

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