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Um.. this community seems a little dead, but I'm sure there's people who still love Alexz and follow it on their friend's list! Isn't "Skipping Stone" just flawlessly amazing? <333

I made a bunch of Alexz icons the other day and posted them at my icon community, saycrackagain!

Check them out here!
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[25] Alexz Johnson
[3] Instant Star / Jude & Tommy

[5] Karina
[6] Ishihara Satomi
[2] Yoshitaka Yuriko


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Hello, all!

Hey y'all, new member but long-time Instant Star fan.  I'm currently watching Season 3 on DVD that I received in the mail from AMAZON today! Squee! I have to say, I know that a lot of people hated the way season 4 ended, but I thought it was beautifully done. Anywho, if anyone ever wants to chat about Instant Star, feel free! Thanks!