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Turn the lights down low
Take it off, let me show
My love for you -- Insatiable

Turn me on, never stop
Wanna taste every drop
My love for you

_insatiable_ is a community for those authors and readers of VM/OB RPS fanfiction. There are plenty of slash communities for RPS fanfiction, but for a while now I've been contemplating making one specifically for this pairing. This isn't meant to be a homage to an OTP, though it's no secret how I feel about this pairing. The intention of this community is not to single out ViggOrli shippers, simply to have a specific archive in LJ for ViggOrli fics. Only fics with VM/OB as the main pairing are to be posted, but that does not mean threesome fics including Viggo & Orlando cannot be posted. Other pairings in a ViggOrli fic are more than welcome to be posted and read, as long as VM/OB are the main pairing. All fics should include the proper headers, disclaimers, etc.

This is *not* a community for posting ViggOrli fanarts/manips/etc. The viggorli community is a perfect place for those items. This is purely a fiction archive, period. It is highly recommended that all members be 18 and over for legal reasons. I'm fully aware and respect the fact that there are slash writers under the age of 18. I simply ask you to respect my decision for setting the age limit of this community. This is NOT the place for teeny-fic. Please be considerate in using the lj-cut option when posting stories. Lj-Cut is your friend, be kind to it -- use it often.

Any questions may be forwarded to Araliesse at araliesse@livejournal.com, or you may leave a comment in my journal.