my answers

nickname: lay-lay

age you want to be: 18. the perfect age. you can act like a little kid and like things
you like when you were 6 and no one cares. in fact, they think it's cool. yet, you're an
adult and free to do (mostly) as you wish.

voices in ur head: they argue with me about my emotions

prefered mode of transportation: Jen's Jeep, complete with extreme road rage

top secret plot to take over the world: a quote from Jaimie-chan (who hates when i call her that) -
"It only takes ONE totally hip an' hyper dude to take over the world!" i don't have the plot
but when Jaimie mananges to take over the world i get to have my own continent.

imaginary friends: hmm...not really.

craziest thing you have done lately: wait, this involves using my memory...DAMMIT! prolly go to the Jain temple. those guys were very extreme in their non-violence.

song stuck in ur head: Ghost Orgy's "Born Dead" because it's playing and i'm singing it in my head

what you are wearing now: red shirt that says "Smile, it confuses people" and totally cool
black pants that i bought for $7 at a thrift store and are REVERSIBLE!!

fave kiddie book: the Princess Bride. Or Man of Many Faces, but that's a manga.

cartoon you relate to: i watch so many cartoons...yet i'm not sure...i could be Utako from MoMF, but that's a manga...not even animated...pretteh piccies though...

anything else: have discussions on religions is the coolest hobby ever, thank you very much.
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(no subject)

nickname: stomp stomp stomp stomp clap clap pause snare

age you want to be: my physical age

voices in ur head: only my own words

prefered mode of transportation: walking bus dog catbus broomstick

top secret plot to take over the world: cover the coffee shops with eating disorder jokes

imaginary friends: those girls i had relationships with yeah i still talk to them but they dont want to talk to me anymore

craziest thing you have done lately: told a girl crush to reject me when i hit on her and then proceed to hit on her SCORE

song stuck in ur head: i got soul but i'm not a soldier

what you are wearing now: black shirt black pants white socks white shoes

fave kiddie book: where the wild things are

cartoon you relate to: aqua teen hunger force

anything else: so there is this huge powerful spike that booms out of huge cities like new york la tokyo paris etc etc and everything in the world is connected right so this huge spike is flows out in huge waves its like you have 4 people hold the corners of the blanket and someone pulls in the center and drops it and waves roll out towards the edges blanket represents the many cities all over the world and they get hit by the waves in their own time so like places in the middle of kansas never get the word on what is happening because it hasn't reached them yet but theres this teddy bear and theres things that don't work right with the teddy bear because he was on the blanket and he goes flying off into space and lands somewhere off the blanket the teddy bear is like terrified but its ok its ok because he lands on the carpet and everyone leaves the room and then they go off into the house and the house has a million fucking doors and they all have beds and blankets and teddy bears but its this old victorian house and theres this dungeon in the cellar and chained up are more teddy bears and who goes to whip them but robots yes darlings robots who throw up every fucking day and stare in the mirror and complain and say im soooooo fat and they go and whip these teddy bears because they don't fucking like cute things because they hate themselves and the teddy bears are like uuhhhhh wtfmate

(no subject)

nickname: Mandipants

age you want to be: fifteen

voices in ur head: Himillsy Dodd and the little boy in "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"

prefered mode of transportation: a sexy guy magnet disguised as a '92 Mercury Sable

top secret plot to take over the world: I plan on flashing phrases like "obey Mandipants!" and "worship the awesome power that is Mandipants!" during cartoons, subliminally messaging our youth into becoming my minions. I will play it by ear from there.

imaginary friends: My grandmother's box that becomes a bananna at night and, of course, God and Cartman.

craziest thing you have done lately: Had a picnic in our local chain bookstore. Fight the POWER!

song stuck in ur head: "Mary-Anne"

what you are wearing now: Kitty slippers from Japan, flannel pajama pants from Christmas, my blue swim shirt, black nail polish, a yellow bead bracelet from Japan, a watch bought especially not to beep during the AP tests, a silver band from when Kman and I ditched the play, a white gold ring with two diamonds from my seventeenth birthday, a stainless steel claudaugh from Canyonville, a Roman ring with a garnet from the Louvre, a White Hills Gold ring with two amethysts from my thirteenth birthday, two rolling rings from a trip with Yu, a silver bracelet from Christmas, three White Hills Gold earrings, two contacts and a necklace from stonehenge.

fave kiddie book: "The Boy Who Ran For President" and "Juniper"

cartoon you relate to: Angry Beavers

anything else: DO YOU SEE?

intro thingy

nickname: DarkBard0 - but generally ppl call me Shalimar

age you want to be: 57

voices in ur head: always has been, always will be

prefered mode of transportation: spacecraft

top secret plot to take over the world: make it bi sexual

imaginary friends: i keep telling ppl, they rnt imaginary, they're my friends

craziest thing you have done lately: hung upside down at the top of a castle

song stuck in ur head: Baby Doll by NERD

what you are wearing now: pants and a t-shirt with sheep on it from Ireland

fave kiddie book: Fantastic Mr Fox

cartoon you relate to: Ewoks

anything else: i take pinky coloured pills at night
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Cute (Cat)


I could well be insane, but I surpress my desires >_>

nickname: Tru

age you want to be: 21.. Like now >_>

voices in ur head: Only the Snails, when I see them in the street and they call out to me, their hero, so I rescue them!

prefered mode of transportation: Feet

top secret plot to take over the world: I'm making a forum I hope will be popular. Then I intend to brain wash the members. You'll join cos I'll make you!

imaginary friends: I used to have a best friend called Joe. We would fight the evil Toxic monsters. I think he must have died or something, cos I haven't seen him in years :\

craziest thing you have done lately: Be social. For a introvert like me, thats pretty crazy!

song stuck in ur head: Hopefully not that evil Crazy Frog. I really do hate him, sadly.

what you are wearing now: Clothes.

fave kiddie book: Fungus the Bogeyman! I even have the DVD!

cartoon you relate to: Spongebob Squarepants.. He is my God.

anything else: Nah, I'll let you make something up >_>
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nickname: Lily

age you want to be: Um... 16!!!

voices in ur head:

1. Laura, my alter ego, she's basically the opposite of me. She's obnoxious and sane.

2. And her random drunk friends...

prefered mode of transportation:

By SKIPPING!!! WEEE!!!! *gets hit by a fat guy on a moped* NOOOOO!!!!

top secret plot to take over the world:


Me and my spork friends will start a revolt and take over McDonald’s so no one will get their HAPPY MEALS!!!! MUHAHAHAHAH!!! *cough*

imaginary friends:

I used to have an imaginary purple hippo best friend but then she moved to PERU!!!!!

craziest thing you have done lately:

Flung a dead rat at my neighbor's dog shouting "FLETCH!!!"

song stuck in ur head:


what you are wearing now:

A T-Shirt and pants.

fave kiddie book:


cartoon you relate to:


anything else:

Favorite Quote of the Year:

Sucide is man's way of telling God,

"You can't fire me, I QUIT!"
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(no subject)

update update update ppl. and promote!!! ok lets get a story going. here we go. each person add a line.

once upon a time a miniature leprechaun named bill spiked my glass of orange juice.
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(no subject)

nickname: no nickname :(

age you want to be: 21 cuz then you got all the privilages and none of the wrinkles. kinda goes downhill from there.

voices in ur head: nope. i talk to my toes tho. they are constantly complaining about the strain and all that. gotta put them in their place every once in a while. AND i can wave my pinkie toe by itself :)))

prefered mode of transportation: jetski. woop.

top secret plot to take over the world: well being top secret i am not allowed to divulge the information at the present time. all i can say it it has to do with bananas. and maple syrup.

imaginary friends: my pinkie toe named jeffrey

craziest thing you have done lately: went around hitting ppl with a giant inflatable hammer on the 4th of July

song stuck in ur head: goes something like this na na na na na na na--na na na na na na na--na na na na na na na--NA NA NA NA

what you are wearing now: bright orange tank top and blue gym shorts

fave kiddie book: the lorax

cartoon you relate to: fairly odd parents

anything else: BANANAS

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