the_mind_bender (the_mind_bender) wrote in _insane_ish,

nickname: None that I will list. I try to keep my live journal separated from my life.

age you want to be: I have no specific age, I just try to enjoy where I am as much as possible.

voices in ur head: that usually depends on how many people are around at the time.

prefered mode of transportation: car, although now I ride a bicycle everywhere.

top secret plot to take over the world: mind control the leaders of whatever I want at the time to do what I want. It is also a good ice breaker at parties.

imaginary friends: they aren't imaginary, and they aren't my friends. PERIOD.

craziest thing you have done lately: stood there while some guy (who had been wielding a baby) punched me.

song stuck in ur head: raindrops keep falling on my head

what you are wearing now: shirt, pants, underwear, socks, shoes, and nothing else that you will be able to prove.

fave kiddie book: call of the wild

cartoon you relate to: Bleach, Chrono Crusade, Code E, Eureka 7, Gantz, Naruto (original, before the fillers), Princess Tutu

anything else: Too much to list. I join not because I am actually crazy but because I wish I were.

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