trentgurl (trentgurl) wrote in _insane_ish,

Greetings, chumlings!

nickname: Boomerang

age you want to be: 75 - I want to be a really cool old person

voices in ur head: They kept singing annoying songs at me so I went to the doctor and flushed them out.

prefered mode of transportation: Flying with my own wings, definitely.

top secret plot to take over the world: Infecting peoples' brains with intellect

imaginary friends: I prefer to have imaginary enemies whose asses I can actually kick.

craziest thing you have done lately: Learnt to breathe fire, fired a crossbow, nearly killed my friends with a firework....

song stuck in ur head: 'Start Wearing Purple' by Gogol Bordello

what you are wearing now: Black pinstripe trousers, black vest, black shirt over it.

fave kiddie book: 'Hey World Here I Am!', a poetry book.

cartoon you relate to: Rainbow Brite

anything else: Parsnips get a worse reputation than they deserve, if cooked well they are actually quite delicious.

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