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... Получилось, будто митрополит согласен с нацистской символикой...
Получилось что "митрополит согласен с нацистами" ?
На самом деле получилось что
1)нацисты согласны с митрополитами
2)Митрополитам похуй кого они ведут за собой

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nickname: None that I will list. I try to keep my live journal separated from my life.

age you want to be: I have no specific age, I just try to enjoy where I am as much as possible.

voices in ur head: that usually depends on how many people are around at the time.

prefered mode of transportation: car, although now I ride a bicycle everywhere.

top secret plot to take over the world: mind control the leaders of whatever I want at the time to do what I want. It is also a good ice breaker at parties.

imaginary friends: they aren't imaginary, and they aren't my friends. PERIOD.

craziest thing you have done lately: stood there while some guy (who had been wielding a baby) punched me.

song stuck in ur head: raindrops keep falling on my head

what you are wearing now: shirt, pants, underwear, socks, shoes, and nothing else that you will be able to prove.

fave kiddie book: call of the wild

cartoon you relate to: Bleach, Chrono Crusade, Code E, Eureka 7, Gantz, Naruto (original, before the fillers), Princess Tutu

anything else: Too much to list. I join not because I am actually crazy but because I wish I were.

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nickname: NONE,

age you want to be: 21, I AM 21, BUT I WANT TO STAY 21 FOREVER.


prefered mode of transportation: CAR

top secret plot to take over the world: KILLER TARANTULAS

imaginary friends: WILLIAM.

craziest thing you have done lately: CUT MY ARMS WITH A JAPANESE CLEVER

song stuck in ur head: NONE

fave kiddie book: ALICE IN WONDERLAND

cartoon you relate to: GARFIELD, SOUTH PARK

anything else: WHAT?
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nickname: ..lincolnimp... you can call me whatever you want.. not listening most of the time anyways :P

age you want to be: 23 sounds good.. but then: it doesn't really matter i guess

voices in ur head: they are my friiieeends

prefered mode of transportation: levitation.. yeah

top secret plot to take over the world: if i tell you it wouldn't be top secret anymore, would it. .. oh wait, are you guys cia?  damn i knew it... todd and chuck warned me but i didn't listen..

imaginary friends: quite a few, very loyal ^^ todd and chuck are my fav. but shh don't tell the others... they would only take my abilities away....

craziest thing you have done lately: does having sex at a graveyard count?

song stuck in ur head:  " i touch myself at thoughts of flames.." alkaline trio - this could be love "step one:.."

what you are wearing now: black jeans, black sweater....nothing special.. just everyday clothes

fave kiddie book: alice in wonderland

cartoon you relate to: there are so many.... not fair....

anything else: well in the info it says we shouldn't get too pervy.. which is why i pretend to not have anything else to say
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I'll just fill this out then come back another time to say something a bit more substantial...

nickname: guinness

age you want to be:17

voices in ur head: different versions of my own - 2

prefered mode of transportation: walking

top secret plot to take over the world: i've already got one fucked up world

imaginary friends: he's imaginary but he's not my friend

craziest thing you have done lately: lol i convinced a lot of people that i was imaginary - even though i was in the same room

song stuck in ur head: 'im blue ab a dee ab a DIE'!!! arg - that song wasn't in there till you made me think about it...

what you are wearing now: black jeans - a scruffy duffy t-shirt and a scowl.

fave kiddie book: jungle book

cartoon you relate to: i am a cartoon

anything else: not right now - dead tired - must sleep - except this was a good idea for a site - might do something similar - by similar i mean better :D
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nickname: Nabiku ... it means to be seduced in Japanese... IT ALL SO MEANS WAVE!!! I SWEAR!

age you want to be: 19... cause I'm not a N00b drinker nor am I sooo old I'm no longer not in the "teen" years...

voices in ur head: Are sophisticated... yet evil... they give me complex plans to make the world MINE... but since I'm stupid I always... well... something goes wrong and my parents catch on (the whole in the roof is a sign...) and I'm back in the loony bin.

prefered mode of transportation: Ridding on a fizzing bottle of Champaign

top secret plot to take over the world: Take physics (and pass) so I know what those voices are talking about...

imaginary friends: The God of annoying... his name is MOOFAGOVERNITZES (moo-fa-gu-ver-nits-zee-ss)

craziest thing you have done lately: Well i got all stressed out because photobucket was shrinking my wallies and so I couldn't post them here so to de-stress I ran around the house screaming "IM CRAZY AND STRESSED AND I FEEL GREAT!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!! BABIES EVERYWHERE!!! NYAHAHAHA!!" for around 15 mins untill I got an idea... namely MAKE A WEBPAGE! here it is ... http://www.freewebs.com/nabiku

song stuck in ur head: a jumble of Tenatious D songs... plus the Tetris theme and the YMCA

what you are wearing now: Well I just got up and had a shower and am wasting time till it's 7 to get ready for school so honestly a towel... WHAT I'M THE ONLY ONE HOME!!! AND IT'S ONE OF THOES GAINT BEACH TOWELS! I SWEAR!

fave kiddie book: Back then I think Green Eggs and Ham tasted the best...

cartoon you relate to: Invader Zim and Angry Beavers

anything else: OMG I have and uncle Joe! (seriously I do!!) and I'm so proud of him because I can actually say that I have an uncle Joe, I mean when people use an uncle for something his name is ALWAYS Joe, BUT I ACTUALLY HAVE ONE! ... he is REALLY hairy though... kinda like a wookie (sp?) you know thoughs things from Star Wars... yeah... that's uncle Joe... ^^ ...also I dream of being a ninja... a ninja that will take over the world... BWAHAHAHAHA!!!
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Greetings, chumlings!

nickname: Boomerang

age you want to be: 75 - I want to be a really cool old person

voices in ur head: They kept singing annoying songs at me so I went to the doctor and flushed them out.

prefered mode of transportation: Flying with my own wings, definitely.

top secret plot to take over the world: Infecting peoples' brains with intellect

imaginary friends: I prefer to have imaginary enemies whose asses I can actually kick.

craziest thing you have done lately: Learnt to breathe fire, fired a crossbow, nearly killed my friends with a firework....

song stuck in ur head: 'Start Wearing Purple' by Gogol Bordello

what you are wearing now: Black pinstripe trousers, black vest, black shirt over it.

fave kiddie book: 'Hey World Here I Am!', a poetry book.

cartoon you relate to: Rainbow Brite

anything else: Parsnips get a worse reputation than they deserve, if cooked well they are actually quite delicious.
Dancing Italy

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nickname: Phantom, Squirrel-tail, Skittles, Jess, La, and many, many others

age you want to be: I couldn't tell you. :D A small smackeral of each. The good parts, o'course.

voices in ur head: inspire me

prefered mode of transportation: galloping, skipping, jumping, twirling, riding, a good novel

top secret plot to take over the world: -twitch- I have no plots...

imaginary friends: Any book character I take a shine to

craziest thing you have done lately: Gone to school dressed as the phantom, had a bi-polar sence of fashon, laugh at a random though, organise a 'random congregation' in my head for my fanfic. :)

song stuck in ur head: All of the Phantom of the Opera CD, Grand Theft Autumn, the Llama song, It's All Been Done

what you are wearing now: my green silky pjs

fave kiddie book: The House on Pooh Corner, The Giving Tree, and Panda Palace

cartoon you relate to: Hmmm. I watch them cuz they're random and funny.. Relating to things is what music and books are for. :D

anything else: I have a quoting obbsession and... well, you'll figure it all out eventually.
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What would happen if it was all fake, anyway? Does it really matter what grade you got in highschool, whether you were captain of the team or president of the club? "Hail, el presidente!" you can say to yourself, I guess, stuck in your cubicle with a 90% chance of being fired if you're under thirty BUT ... you were ¡El PRESIDENTE! once. So maybe it's all a lie, and you worked so hard back then so you'd have something to point to and say ... I did that. I did that.

What if the world was a gigantic balloon, and if you wore high heels you'd poke through the plastic and ruin everthing? No burying dead people, and fires would be too risky ... what if you melted the balloon?

Would you fill the balloon with helium, so it kept floating up up up? I guess in space, though, helium would be heavier than a vaccuum. But maybe the atmosphere could be made of helium, so if stuff sucked a whole bunch, you could just breathe in and your voice would sound funny and then you'd laugh and remember that hey, it's all only temporary, so just roll with it.