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_initial_d's Journal

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Here you can enjoy massive amounts about Initial D discussions. Arcade and Anime and thensome.

We have a few rules while you enjoy the vast Amounts of knowledge we all will share.
1) I will NOT tolerate slander/flaming of our fellow members, if this happens consider this your only warning therefor I will be forced to ban those who do not comply.
2) Keep the Drama out please. LJ Drama would love to have more victims, lets not be one of them.
3) Critizism is allowed but to a certain to degree. We are here to help and improve skills in the game, or even share knowledge of the game. Remember we all were once a newb.
5) All I ask is we all have fun and BE HAPPY!!! I do not want our members sad, therefor we are all here to lend a helping hand.

we are all human we all make mistakes so please, be kind to everyone else.

now all I ask now is that if you Read the rules Your first post shall include the following

1) Who are you.(doesnt have to be a real name, nick-names are cool)
2) What car do you drive in the arcade, if you dont play the game simply put n/a.
3) What is your favorite Car, doesnt have to be one from Initial D in fact it doesnt have to be a rice-burner.
4) Your Favorite Team.

Thanks Again for Joining the Comm hope to learn and grow in the world of Initial D with everyone!

Please help promote the community!

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