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Initial D Movie Soundtrack

01. Intro (AE86)
02. God's Hand On the Wheel (風火輪)
03. Never Mind (大無畏)
04. The Discovery (秋明山車神)
05. Lost Good Things (童話破滅)
06. We Roll (咆哮)
07. My Limbo (隱居豆腐店)
08. The Way of a Man (男道)
09. Gloves 2 Ali (豆腐宅急便)
10. First Date (倆少無猜)
11. A Racer's Dream (飄移世界)
12. Lost in Hell (戰敗秋明山)
13. Tanning in the Sunray (沙灘戀曲)
14. Driving to Heaven (向天空飛馳)
15. Champion (飆出夢想)
16. Initial D Teaser (頭文字D預告)

You can find the soundtrack uploaded here @ nyuumyuujikku 
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ギャル ~ Blue

mp3? (+intro)

1) Who are you. Kaiamira.
2) What car do you drive in the arcade. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III
3) What is your favorite Car. Mazda RX-7 Veilside Fortune.
4) Your Favorite Team. I like too many. =P

Can someone upload the MP3 of 'Speedy Speed Boy' for me? I love it. ;_;

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Initial d

Hi all!!

Hi im andrew aka Nikon1982uk ive been following initial d for around 2 years now i only found out about it by stumbling across arcade stage version 1 which is the only one we have in this area it never really took off. however on the game i drive a FD3S, EG6 and GTR32 i also play Maximum tune 2 on that i drive a meaty 800 bhp JZA80 (Toyota Supra) i did have a FD3S which was 800 bhp but as i updated it from maxi tune 1 to 2 it locked up and wiped my card. just my luck.

dont suppose any one here plays the Initial D CCG do they?
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Losing interest?

I haven't played the arcade game for...about four months now. O__O I used to play it at least twice a week! And spend at least $5.00 every time! I've noticed that most of the old regulars aren't around much anymore either...it's kinda sad.

Anyone else not playing as much as they used to?
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battle level experience

when u reach level 11, u get the aura. thats when u are able to battle level down. i raced my friend 3x and i lost 3 times in a row, his car was level 5 when mine was level 12. the 4th race i won and then i instantly got the battle level up. which leaves me w/ a question about battle experience points. when a person loses a battle they lose experience points and when a person wins a battle, they gain experience points. Is the experience points gained from winning, greater than the eperience points lost from losing? from what happened 3 days ago, the answer seems to be yes but i wanted to know what LJ communities had to say about it.


Hey all. My names Roy I play on the east coast (Orlando, FL). My car of choice is the Levin SR (yes, an 85). My best time on Akina so far is 3 min 7 seconds.