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yeah, we're just cool like that...

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meet your lovely mods:


1. we're an elitist community. you know the lay down.
2. we're going judge you. most likely, we'll be quite harsh. so if you can't take it or you don't think you have what it takes, don't apply.
3. being that this is an indie community, tell us what makes you indie, (i.e. only list indie bands. we don't care if you like taking back sunday or brand new or think atreyu invented hardcore, we want to know what indie bands you like. indie means independent)
4. do not vote, post, comment or any other sort of activity outside of your application until you are accepted. if you do, there will be an automatic rejection.
5. all requirements for the application must be complete. if for some reason it is not, your application will be deleted.
6. there is a 48 hour waiting period before you are stamped. so don't get antsy.
7. if you are accepted, you must remain active in the community or you will be discharged.
8. try to get along. if someone in the community says something you may not agree with. let it go. this is the internet, it doesn't matter. if you do, however, start drama. you will be discharged.
9. promote all kinds of bands from your area. both mods being in bands, we want to try to help other bands gain exposure, even if its just a little.
10. all applications must be behind an LJ cut. this means the whole application, not just the pictures.
11. lastly, have fun.

1. name:
2. age:
3. location:
4. 10 bands:
5. movies:
6. books:
7. why do you think you are indie?
8. what is your least favorite band?
9. favorite food...
10. tell us a joke...
11. something interesting about yourself...
12. picture time. no more than 4, but at least 2 showing your face.