super sprode. (x______enfilade) wrote in _indierthanthou,
super sprode.

1. name:lauren
2. age:13
3. location:summerville, sc
4. 10 bands: bunnyhug, barcelona, minus the bear, camera obscura, cap'n jazz, universal order of armageddon, say hi to your mom, ani difranco, cant face the falling, q and not u
5. movies: dancer in the dark, yellow submarine, anything by akira kurosawa. i adore him.
6. books: hard love, naked lunch, ring, spiral, the perks of being a wallflower
7. why do you think you are indie? because i dont listen to any bands that are "sellouts" and i barley even listen to any music on those "big indie" labels (talk about a contradiction) like drive thru, epitaph, vagrant, victory, ect.
8. what is your least favorite band? thats so hard. theres too many. but i really hate the used.
9. favorite food... white chocolate chips. or soy burgers. mmm..
10. tell us a joke...its not a joke, but its funny;;
11. something interesting about yourself... i'm a myspace whore? i dont know....i'm not incredibly interesting.
12. picture time. no more than 4, but at least 2 showing your face.

i'm wearing no makeup. ew. (oh, and that shirt wa son clearence like woah. 2 dollars! im not a huge thursday fan, though.)


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