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1. name: kelli
2. age: 16
3. location: canoga park, california..its in "the valley"
4. 10 bands: bright eyes, death cab, the shins, modest mouse, the walkmen, eels, south, le tigre, desaparecidos, kings of leon, metric, electrelane..ooops...thats 12.
5. movies: harold and maude, hedwig and the angry inch, me and you and everyone we know, pulp fiction, and trainspotting
6. books:choke by chuck palahniuk...1984 by george orwell... smack by melvin burgess...angelas ashes by frank mccourt.
7. why do you think you are indie? i listen to indie bands, i loooove indie movies, and i watch ifc all the time...ummm i just like it all, because i feel like it could never be ruined by mtv or teeney bopper ,magazines, its like something untouched.
8. what is your least favorite band? uhhh...hawthorne heights.
9. favorite food... sushi
10. tell us a joke...
11. something interesting about yourself... im pretty much the only kid in school who knows what indie means, let alone love indie period.
12. picture time. no more than 4, but at least 2 showing your face.

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