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I think I did this right...

1. name: Jon
2. age: twenty-something
3. location: Athens, Ga
4. 10 bands: Satisfaction, Modern Skirts, Of Montreal, Count, Rocket Summer, Kevin Devine, Lucero, AMEX, Jawbreaker, & uh... Stephen Malkmus. What's more indie than Stephen Malkmus? Nothing I can think of.
5. movies: Say Anything, Waking Life, Rushmore, the Wizard, Rad.
6. books: How Should We Then Live? by Francis A Schaeffer.
7. why do you think you are indie? Refer to #3.
8. what is your least favorite band? the Deftones.
9. favorite food... rice. And Flinstones Push-Ups.
10. tell us a joke... Rolling Stone magazine. Hah. And uh... I'm against picketing, but I don't know how to show it (that's a Mitch Hedberg original right there).
11. something interesting about yourself... Interesting is relative, but... I have a website. And older black ladies seem to be attracted to me.
12. picture time.

<3 Jon.

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