Calling all Morrissey fans (urgent help needed)

Last chance to download Morrissey into the charts

As some of you may know Morrissey fans over at Morrissey– have been organizing a campaign to try and get a track from Morrissey’s latest album ‘Ringleader of the tormentors’, the beautifully haunting, ‘Life is a Pigsty’ into the charts.

We’ve been downloading ‘Life is a Pigsty’ all this week but time is running out and for this to work we need more people to get involved.

So please if you have a spare 79p please download ‘Life is a pigsty’ and help us make this dream a reality.

The chart countdown begins at 4pm on Sunday so there’s less than 24 hours left.

We need one final effort from everyone. If you haven’t downloaded ‘Pigsty’ yet then please do and if you already have, and can please download it again.

Non-uk fans can also take part. For more information go to

Please do all you can to help? Your hero needs you

Please, Please, Please let us get what we want this time. (You see what I did there)

Thank you

Pigsty video

(no subject)

1. name: emma
2. age: 18
3. location: melbourne
4. 10 bands: !!!, postal service, snapp crakk, D.F.A., the faint, les savy fav, moving units, new order, bloc party, moving units.
5. movies: jeux d'enfants, mon idole, the crow, the man who wasn't there, eraserhead, drugstore cowboy, my own private idaho.
6. books: anything by zola, vilette, anything by camus, kafka etc.
7. why do you think you are indie? can't help it. environmental... hereditary.
8. what is your least favorite band? probably alien ant farm? do they count?
9. favorite food... i don''t enjoy it... like, black coffee? yoghurt?
10. tell us a joke... police held ghost at gunpoint... police say "you move and you're dead."

ghost says, "im dead and i move." not EVEN hilarious.

11. something interesting about yourself... i lived in the mountains for a year, and i learnt skills of the rugged aust. bush... i only passed history by relating stalin to regina george??????? that's it.

12. picture time. no more than 4, but at least 2 showing your face.
me being on the right.

the rest are on my photobucket.

similarly, there are more on my myspace.