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blind summer wasted

When Does Summer Start Again?
1. "come one! lets boogey to the elf dance" - sufjan stevens
2. "lonely christmas eve"- Ben Folds
3. "this christmas"- Dismemberment Plan
4. "christmas (baby please come home)" - Death Cab for Cutie
5. "white christmas" - Bright eyes
6. "christmas is going to the dogs"- Eels
7. "winter wonderland" - Phantom Planet
8. "faded from winter"- Iron & Wine
9. "maybe this christmas" - Ron Sexsmith
10. "that was the worst christmas ever!"- Sufjan stevens
11. "jingle bell rock" - arcade fire
12. "christmas at the zoo" - flaming lips
13. "little saint nick"- beach boys
14. "just like christmas" - low
15. "spotlight on christmas" - rufus wainwright
16. "december" - regina spektor
17. "christmas warpping" - waitresses
18. "no christmas while i'm talking" - walkmen
19. "carol of the bells" - Mae
20. " Happy xmas (war is over)"- John Lennon

most of the songs say "christmas" in the title, but they can be enjoyed by people who don't celebrate also. If you want acopy of this CD just email me ( or IM me (pirate jello) and i'll make a copy and bring it to you at school. Enjoy.
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