Hippocrypt & The Metro Gnomes!

Hey there! There's a new band in Miami working on a myspace right now but if you like experimental indie music check it out. The band is called Hippocrypt & The Metro Gnomes. Check them out at


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Artist Push

Hi guys. I'm new here, but I wanted to put in a good word for Andi Starr. She is an amazing musician, not to mention one of the kindest and most "real" people I've ever known! Her style is fairly eclectic, but probably best described as ethereal rock. Her voice and music are quite unique, though it has been described as "hauntingly beautiful", and at times compared to Tori Amos, Shawn Colvin, The Cowboy Junkies, and The Cranberries. She just released her 4th album, "Leaving the White Line", which is currently available at CD Baby. For those in the Portland, Oregon area, there is a CD release party coming up on Januray 26th. It's $10 in advance or $12 at the door, with the album included in the price of entry, and cellist Adam Hurst opening the show. Please, do yourself a favor and listen to the amazingly beautiful music of Andi Starr, which will touch your soul and open your heart.
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original music

Greetings music lovers! I would like to pass along a Modern Rock Band I play with called StillLine. The music is all original, so any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. If yah like what you hear, spread the word!

Click link below to take you there

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Regina Spektor community

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Hey everyone! rid_of_her and I have just created a Regina community where you can "claim" her songs. It's brand new, so we don't have many members.

Check it out and join to claim your favorite Regina song!



elliot smith

so, i am a huge elliot smith fan, and have almost everything of his including all unreleased and live bootlegs. I lost my copy of the studio version of miss misery, and neither itunes or musicmatch have it. If anyone has it, if you could send it to me it would be greeeatly appreciated
my im is outofrange47, email is outofrange47@aol.com

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