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The Queer As Folk Newsletter

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In Babylon
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Welcome to In Babylon. We're a newsletter devoted solely to the on-goings of the Queer As Folk fandom. We support fanfic, vids, meta, icons, RPS, RPGs, actors news, and any many number of things involved in Queer As Folk.

We are a daily publication and a group of several editors. We have a journal - babylon_watch that specifically watches fandom-filled journals around LJ. If you find us on your friendslist, you do not have to friend us back.

All of our links are open to the public. All of our links are labelled if they are NC-17 or not work safe in nature.

If you have any news for _in_babylon, you can leave a comment at our most recent issue, or email us at in_babyln@yahoo.com

For any questions or concerns about our recommendation policy, please see this entry and/or the faq. Things that can increase your chances of having your fanfiction recced include: getting your work edited by a beta, taking constructive criticism to heart, and including all of your fic warnings (rating, pairings, spoilers, etc.) at the top of the post.

To join _in_babylon, click here, or manually add the community to your friends list. The community is closed -- you DO NOT need to JOIN the community to read the newsletter (only the editors are members).

The original idea comes from quickquote, the Harry Potter newsletter.

sv_ledger - Smallville

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The original layout was designed by co-editor andtheafterglow, with all graphics being created and/or manipulated in Adobe Photoshop 7.0. The background was originally created by inxsomniax, and modified by andtheafterglow. Special thanks to cristi_is_here for all of your help!

The current layout is based on overrides by gossymer but retaining original colors and images designed by andtheafterglow. The background was originally created by inxsomniax, and modified by andtheafterglow.

This journal is not suitable for those under 18 years of age or the legal age of adulthood in the country you reside. Links not suitable for underage children may include sexual content/imagery, violent content/imagery and references/content indicative of taboo subjects. We hold no responsibility over your reactions/actions regarding these links. You click at your own risk.

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