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13 July 2008 @ 12:04 am
I apologise for this quick-and-dirty but I wanted SOMETHING to be posted. Enjoy.


--Gale Harold & Despearate Housewives
from TVguide.com's Ausiello Report
from TVsquad.com
from TVsquad.com (How Susan meets him?)
from EnteetainmentWeekly.com
from gayTVblog.com
from TowleRoad.com (nothing new, great comments but)

--Randy Harrison in Pageant Play Waiting for Godot
from TheaterMania.com

--Sharon Gless &Burn Notice
Thursdays on USA @ 10PM (East Coast)

--neverenough_bj: "Through the Eyes of..." Challenge
--An Unsuitable Man, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 by jans_intentions [Br/Ju, AU-XOVER, NC-17]
--Directions 1 by xie_xie_xie [Br/Ju, FUTURE, ?]
--For Thy Sweet Love, 1 2 3 4 5 (of 5) by eileen_donovan [Br/Ju, AR, PG-13]
--Say the Word, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 by jans_intentions [Br/Ju, AU, NC-17]
--The King in the Oak, 1 2 3 4 5 6 by jans_intentions [Br/Ju, AU, NC-17]

--Candelight, Wine and Rose Petals by Babs [Mi/Be, ? , PG]

--The Ghosts That Sell Memories, 16 by chocolate84 [Br/Ju, XOVER, PG-13]
--The Gus Diaries 40 41 42 by shadownyc [Br/Ju, FUTURE, NC-17]

--Making a Scene, 14 by amaranthink [Br/Ju - Br/OMC, ?, NC17]

--46 icons by ladybubblegum
--21 icons by pfodge
--30 icons by morti_hp
--30 icons & more by movetheair
--21 icons by nito_punk
--34 icons by sakesushimaki
--33 icons by silentlywrecked
--20 icons & more by irati86
--32 icons by ale_la_pazza1
--16 icons by healing_tears
--5 icons by overstreets

--4 wallpapers by johnnysbiotch
--3 wallpapers by donci111
--1wallpaper by ankaree

--shared_wisdom: This is a community that explores online writing and everything that accompanies it.
--livelongnmarry: A fandom auction to benefit marriage equality.
--Contribute to a Gale Harold FanMix, as hosted by reeface
14 April 2008 @ 12:19 pm
I've been buried under piles of work for the new semester. Apologies. I'm hoping to post every Monday morning for the next 10 weeks.

Although, IB is not hard work it's not easy either. This post took me about 2 hours to put together.


--Beyond the Yellow Brick Road 42.1 .2 .3 .4 by plumsuede [Br/Ju, future, ?]
--Giving Up by amelialourdes [Br/Ju, future, G]
--Good Morning by xie_xie_xie [Br/Ju, s1, ?]
--Healing 26 27 28 29 30 by sydneyalexis [Br/Ju, future, ?]
--Midnight Clear 47 48 by gaedhal [Br/Ju, AR, ?]
--Midnight Star 12 by lastglances [Br/Ju, AU, R]
--Moments of Reflection 1 by shadownyc [Br/Ju, future, PG-13]
--Reverberations 19 by wren_kt7oz [Br/Ju, s4, ?]
--Say the Word: Complications by jans_intentions [Br/Ju, AU, NC-17]
--Shadows Within You 1 2 3 by amaranthink [Br/Ju, s4, R]
--The Gus Diaries 30 by shadownyc [Br/Ju, future, PG-13]
--The Inevitable by shadownyc [Br/Ju, future, PG-13]
--The Last Goodbye by strlingdragnfly [Br/Ju, ?, G]

--Being Honest by foreverbm [Be/Mi, s4, PG]
--Lost Too Soon by foreverbm [Be/Mi, future, ?]
--Regrets by foreverbm [Be/Mi, s2, PG]
--Turning Away by foreverbm [Be/Mi, s5, PG]
--Wishing by foreverbm [Be/Mi, s2, PG]

--icons and icons by psychofairyx
--icons by erikuccia
--icons by rinmonsterer
--icons and icons by xc0l0rful
--icons by ashly_2x1
--icons and icons by ankaree
--icons by sakesushimaki
--icons and icons and icons by pfodge
--icons by geckoholic
--icons by lauradumb
--icons by queenpeladon
--icons by grafoul
--icons by neversleeps
--icons by first_love
--icons by lyrical_tragedy

--headers and headers by foreverbm

--wallpapers by miss_alysandra
--wallpapers by lyrical_tragedy
--wallpapers by stefycarter

--'Freeek - George Michael' by ifuseeknicky [Br/Ju]
--'Crawling - Linking Park' by tralalalarocks [Br/Ju]

--qaf_challenges: is having a challenge in two parts
--shared_wisdom: a community that explores online writing and everything that accompanies it
--qaf_ficwhores: "Inside the Actors Studio" meets The New Wave of QAF Fandom

--galedreamer's experience @ Antony & Cleopatra.
--yoursinginlover's experience @ Antony & Cleopatra.
22 February 2008 @ 10:13 pm
In Babylon does not link to locked posts (refer to FAQ) and In Babylon does not link to some things (refer to this notice) just because they're there.


Thank you libra2 and secretsolitaire.



--Fall 10 by quinn222 [AR, Br/Ju, ?]
--Midnight Clear 24 25 26 27 by gaedhal [AR, Br/Ju, ?]
--The Gus Diaries 22 23 24 by shadownyc [FUTURE, Br/Ju, PG-13]

--The Ghosts That Sell Memories 9 10 by chocolate84 [CROSSover - SPN, ?, ?]

--For I Am Weary of the Surfaces by etharei [s5, Br/Ju, PG-13]
--Healing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 by sydneyalexis [FUTURE, Br/Ju, ?]
--Sunshine of My Life by eileen_donovan [AR, Br/Ju, PG-13]

--Back Where We Belong by foreverbm [Be/Mi, ?, NC-17]
--Forever by foreverbm [Be/Mi, ?, NC-17]
--Yesterday by kat1919 [?, Be/Mi, PG-13]

--Angry Angel 1 2 by kat1919 [?, Mi/Br, R]
--Closure by kat1919 [?, Be/Ju-Mi/Br, PG-13]
--First 1 2 by kat1919 [?, Mi/Br, PG-13]
--Living in the Now by kat1919 [?, Mi/Br-Be/Mi, R]
--Time by kat1919 [?, Br/Ju-Mi/Br, PG-13]


--icons by lauradumb
--icons by lauradumb
--icons by gigglemonster
--icons by ohfreckle
--icons + by zaipixie
--icons by foreverbm
--icons by rinmonsterer
--icons for "Is Forever Enough?" fanmix by silmarwen_85
--wallpapers by zaipixie
--headers & headers by foreverbm


--Chantal Kreviazuk - Leaving on a Jet Plane by pixiebullets [Br/Ju]
--Anastacia - Sick And Tired by ifuseeknicky [Br/Ju]
--The Red Jumpsuit - Your Guardian Angel by miss_alysandra [Br/Ju]
--Queen - The Show Must Go On by bilyk [? Br/Ju]


--He's Large by reeface [Br]
--Is Forever Enough? by silmarwen_85 [Br/Ju]


--neverenough_bj: Master List for Challenge #1
Fic (link to Art is available throught the Master List)

freakykat - Miles From Where You Are 1 2
jans_intentions: Shattered Bones 1 2 3 4 5
laciudad - We’re Standing on the Edge of Something Amazing
lady_jane - Homecoming 1 2 3 4 5
marilla_pm67 - Words are Important Too
shadownyc - Can Worlds Unite?
starlightbj - Can't Get You Out of My Head
wouldbedorothy - Dust by Day

--neverenough_bj: Challenge #2: The Problem with Brandon [sign-up]
--severina2001's The Valentine's Day Secret Admirer Extravaganza: A-M N-Z
--qaf_challenges: Submissions by FEB 24.
11 February 2008 @ 01:52 am
If I've missed anything in between posts, please comment here with links. Posting should be more regular come March.



--Gale Harold & Scott Walker: SW30CM (producer, Mia Bays) is nominated for a BAFTA (and therefore can be seen at a Cineworld cinema, UK Only).

--SC30CM will be in Mexico at Ambulante and in Turkey.

--Gale Harold & Rhinoceros Eyes: RE will be available from Amazon from February 19.

--Gale Harold & Martha Behind Bars on LMN on the 14th and 15th.

--Randy Harrison & Antony & Cleopatra at the Duke Theatre, NY. [March 22 - May 2] Tickets: $75
--Randy Harrison & Waiting for Godot at the Bershire Theatre, MA. [July 29 - August 23]

--Scott Lowell & Orson's Shadow at the Pasadena Playhouse until February 17.
from variety.com

--Peter Paige & Say Uncle on SHO2e on Thurs. (Feb. 14th) at 11AM.

--Sharon Gless & Nip/Tuck on FX.

--Matt Battaglia & Sabrina: the Teenage Witch on ABCFam on Wed. (Feb. 13th) at 2:30PM.


--Always Have, Always Will 1 2 by wren_kt7oz [post-s5, Br/Ju, Adults Only]
--Fun at Forty by shadownyc [FUTURE, Br/Ju, PG-13]
--In the Beginning, There Was Carter 1 by beginthebeguin [AR, Br/Ju, ?]
--Lingers like a Good Cologne by jans_intentions [future, Emmett, ?]
--Modernity by mandysbitch [post-s5, Br/Ju, NC-17]
--Reflections of the Past by shadownyc [post-s5, Br/Ju, PG-13]
--The First Feathers by lastglances [post-s5, Br/Ju, PG]
--Two Hundred Words 1 2 (of 2) by mandysbitch [post-s5, Br/Ju, NC-17]
--Beliefs 1 2 3 (of 3) by xie_xie_xie [post-s5, Br/Ju, ?]

--As If I'd Always Slept 25 by niquita_gia [AU, Br/Ju, NC-17]
--Earthquakes 4 by bloodyrose82 [s4, Br/Ju, NC-17]
--Fall 5 6 7 8 by quinn222 [AR, Br/Ju, ?]
--Midnight Clear 21 22 23 by gaedhal [AR, Br/Ju, ?]
--Queer Identities 16 17 by gaedhal [AR, Br/Ju, ?]
--The Gus Diaries 17 18 19 20 21 by shadownyc [FUTURE, Br/Ju, PG-13]
--A Binding Fate 11 (of 11) by tgray [AU, Br/Ju, ?]
--Cutting My Losses 14 (of 14) by juneprota [crossOver, Br/Ju, ?]

--Making a Scene 8.1 8.2 9.1 9.2 by amaranthink [s3, Br/Oth, NC-17]

--Lust or Love? 1 2 by mikeywaysgirl12 [AR, Ben/Brian/Michael, NC-17]
--Love and Other Bruises by foreverbm [s3, Be/Mi, ?]
--Rooftops 6 7 by cavanaugh__park [AU, Be/Mi, ?]
--Take Care by xie_xie_xie [?, Be/Mi, ?]

ICONS etc.

--icons by silmarwen_85
--icons by electric_z
--icons by rinmonsterer
--icons by mistergirlgerms
--icons by foreverbm
--icons by sra_black
--icons & icons by youbetterwiseup
--icons by reeface
--icons by jasmyns_totebag
--icons & icons by rinmonsterer
--icons by electric_z
--icons by nomorefrostbite
--icons by ate_a_bug
--icons by lyrical_tragedy
--icons + by ohfreckle
--wallpapers by silmarwen_85
--wallpapers by lyrical_tragedy
--wallpapers by donci111
--image!spam: Rage & The Making of by bitchesofbritin


--Alicia Keys – No One by ifuseeknicky [Li/Me]
--The National – Slow Show by silver_venus24 [Br/Ju]
--Untitled by tamalinn [Br/Ju]
--Yoshiki & Violet U.K. – Amethyst (With Vocals) by ifuseeknicky [Br/Ju]
--Keith Urban - I Told You So by klein_monsti [Br/Ju]
--Matthew Goode Band - Suburbia by ifuseeknicky [Br/Ju]

--FANmix: I'm Sorry by diet [Br/Ju]


--Porn Battle V hosted by oxoniensis.
--neverenough_bj: Valentine's Day Challenge: Worlds' Apart. sign-up
--qaf_challenges #9: sign-up [Due: 24th]
--Emmett is Love from bitchesofbritin
--The Valentine's Day Secret Admirer Extravaganza! hosted by severina2001
--QAF(fan)con 2008 in Toronto, Canada.

--Simon H & Randy D [via galedreamer]
--Randy H was seen in South Williamsburg, NY (link)
--Randy H after Edward II performance. (compiled by reeface)
06 February 2008 @ 05:16 pm
Something will be posted before the weekend.