A community for the eating disordered

-(( A community for the eating disordered ))-
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Please read the following before entering this community.

im·por·tu·nate, adj.
Troublesomely urgent or persistent in requesting; pressingly entreating

Welcome to _importunate.

This community IS:
-A supporting place for the eating disordered
-A way of expressing oneself
-A community of help and support

This community is NOT:
-A place to find out how to lose a few pounds
-A place to learn how to have an eating disorder
If anyone this happens, you will be politely booted out.

You don't have to be a certain size or have any certain disorder. This is a community to support those who suffer with the constant, importunate struggles of eating woes.

Upon joining this community, wont you please answer a few questions so as we can all get to know you?
1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Occupation:
4. Hobbies:
5. What is your disorder, and how long have you had it?:
6. Height:
7. Current weight:
8. Highest weight:
9. Lowest weight:
10. Goal weight (this includes short and long term goals):
11. How far has this disorder taken you in your life (medical issues? discovery of the illness? recovery?)?:

If there are any problems, questions, or concerns, please contact me, your community moderator, at Shrimpgal_KT7@msn.com.

Enjoy your stay,
-Jamie, jamieeatworld