Emily (boxfish) wrote in _importunate,


I've started a new job just last week, and mostly all I eat is a little bit of veggies (lettuce, carrot, tomato, cucumber, olive... it's what I prepare at work) until about five-six.pm every day. So I'm really only eating one full meal at night, after work, and I hate it! I need to eat dinner or else my father will be grouchy with me... but the good thing is that I tell him that I've eaten breakfast and lunch, too, so he leaves me alone about that.

But eating only one meal a day is horrible. I'm really trying to start boosting my metabolism by eating smaller meals, not just three times a day but more, maybe six or seven times. The salad that I have is seventy calories for one bowl, and that fills me up for quite a while, so even if I ate that ten times a day, I'd still stay under my calorie consumption for the day.

Instead of this really awesome idea, instead I've been coming home from work and having pizza or pasta or something gross like that. I can't help myself, but I haven't been purging at all because it never makes me feel TOO full. I haven't purged in weeks. I'd rather stay away from it, though, but I can't stop myself from eating the crap I that eat. I'd rather stick to my salads and veggie dogs and mmm garlic.

Did you know that apple tastes absolutely wonderful in salad?
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