drama_bomb (kittywonderland) wrote in _importunate,

I'm new...

1. Name:  Lauren
2. Age:  21
3. Occupation:  Student
4. Hobbies:  Reading, writing, yoga, figure skating.
5. What is your disorder, and how long have you had it?:  I've never thought about the label really but I guess I'm ED-NOS.  When I moved out of my family home, I became anorexic, got a lot better, stopped eating again then developed bulimia.  Right now I'm somewhere between the two.
6. Height: 5"4
7. Current weight:  119
8. Highest weight: 125
9. Lowest weight: 98
10. Goal weight (this includes short and long term goals): 100
11. How far has this disorder taken you in your life (medical issues? discovery of the illness? recovery?)?:  It hasn't so much affected me physically (other than the obvious things like lack of energy and stomach cramps) as emotionally.  All I think about is food, all the time.  It terrifies me.  My boyfriend is on constant food patrol to make sure I don't lose tons of weight again.

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