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New here.

Upon joining this community, wont you please answer a few questions so as we can all get to know you?
1. Name:Heather
2. Age: 17
3. Occupation:Homeschooled
4. Hobbies:Music, Singing, keeping things neat and orderly.
5. What is your disorder, I've gone from bulimia two years ago..to anorexia in 2006.
6. Height: 5'7"
7. Current weight:115
8. Highest weight:150
9. Lowest weight:109
10. Goal weight (this includes short and long term goals):
It is a short term goal for me to get back down to my lowest weight and my long term goal is to stay there.
11. How far has this disorder taken you in your life (medical issues? discovery of the illness? recovery?)?: My electrolytes have been all out of whack and my potassium has been a problem. I am iron defficient. I've recently come home from  an inpatient facility that really didn't do much for me except shove food down my throat and fluff me up a few pounds. I manipulated my school nurse into weighing me on my first day back at school and i had a breakdown when I saw the number on the scale..I couldn't believemy eyes. So the past couple of weeks my weight has been going back down..which gives my ED some satisfaction. Soon I'll be on my way to residential. I'm suppose to get a phonecall when there's a bed open.

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