Kate (autumn_freeze) wrote in _importunate,

I've been sleeping so strange, with a head full of pesticide.

1. Name: Kate
2. Age: 16
3. Occupation: I work concession stand/cash register at our local movie theater.
4. Hobbies: Writing, drawing, walking around town, partying. Normal teenage things.
5. What is your disorder, and how long have you had it?: Bulimia, three and a half years. Before that it was COE, for three years.
6. Height: 5'4"
7. Current weight: I think around 135 lbs. My scale isn't accurate though.
8. Highest weight: 150 lbs at 5'2"
9. Lowest weight: 120 lbs.
10. Goal weight (this includes short and long term goals): Short term - 110 lbs. Long term - Whenever I feel comfortable with myself.
11. How far has this disorder taken you in your life (medical issues? discovery of the illness? recovery?)?:

Oh, gosh...Medical issues aren't too bad, to be honest. One of my fillings fell out once, and my teeth are a little splotchy, but I try to take pretty good care of them. I have stomach ulcers, but I don't mind because it keeps me from eating. I think that's all my medical issues that came from my eating disorder.

The discovery was a bunch of bullshit (excuse the language). I forgot to make a post private on my Livejournal, and somehow one of my mom's friends found it and told her about it. She didn't even really seem to care. So now we just go about our daily business and never talk about it. She never once mentioned it after that day.

Recovery...hmm. What a strange concept. Today is the first day in a loooooooooong time, like a year and a half, that I've actually acted on my impulses to purge. But there was NEVER a day that went by that I didn't feel like sticking my head down a toilet. I just held out as long as I could. But this keeps eating at me. I suppose I shouldn't let it, but I'm very easily manipulated, even by myself.
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