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hey everyone...just joined lj(for the second time) and just recently joined this community...sorry that my profile isnt complete and i did post a journal, but for some reason it didn't hold...i'm going to have to retry that here in a little bit...
1. Name: Eva
2. Age: 19
3. Occupation: college student
4. Hobbies: photography, smoking pot(it actually helps stop hunger pains, for me at least)...hiding my ed from my friends
5. What is your disorder, and how long have you had it?: EDNOS- "bulimarexia"...before that, it was COE... i've been "eating disordered" since i was 11...
6. Height: 5' 4 1/2 "
7. Current weight: 151.5 lbs
8. Highest weight: 235 lbs
9. Lowest weight: 148 lbs
10. Goal weight (this includes short and long term goals): 105 by the fifth of may is my short term goal...i don't really have a long term goal...just...till i'm ok again...
11. How far has this disorder taken you in your life (medical issues? discovery of the illness? recovery?)?: Was in recovery bf ruined that...longish story... my family has known since i was in like...8th grade?(and apparently my mom is one of my biggest "triggers" as my ex-therapist says...because she's at least part of the reason for the way i am today-also a long story)
high blood pressure, anemia, occasional amenorrhea( i get my period at least 2 times a year)

that's my life story in a nutshell...thanx for reading...
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