Weight loss reviews

I just stumbled across this review site. The Lipo 6 reviews I read on this page is actually really good, better than the ones I use to read. I like reading reviews about weight loss products because I have struggled with weight problems for years and there is actually some very good tips in reviews.

Here's the site, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
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More friends, more support at new community: luv_is_beauty

  Hey friends!

Just wanted to tell you about luv_is_beauty ,a new support community for those with/who have recovered from eating disorders! The more friends and support the better, right?! Since luv_is_beauty is so brand spankin' new, its focus is extremely flexible and open to input! Help shape a support community that fits your unique needs!! So come, check out luv_is_beauty and connect with more people who understand you!:)

See you there!

PS. I have nothing but respect for _importunate and do not judge anyone based on their opinions on eating or weight-loss. If you read luv_is_beauty's profile and find that it is not for you, I completely understand. I am not here to offend, or push ideas on anyone; I am simply suggesting you check out a new community to add to your supports on lj!


Anorexia: Outpatient Treatment Study in Sydney

Hi all,
I thought some of the members of this community might be interested in this:

A university outpatient treatment program and trial is currently being offered to people over 18 years of age with Anorexia Nervosa. It involves expert researchers and clinicians in the field of eating disorders from around Australia. The trial is being conducted in Sydney.

If you're interested in participating or for more information please contact:

Andreea Heriseanu
University of Western Sydney
Phone: 02 4620 3726
Email: a.heriseanu@uws.edu.au

Eating disorder bloggers wanted for survey

I am a current graduate student researching the social history of food-related disorders, inspired, in large part, from my own struggles with anorexia and bulimia.  I'm conducting an anonymous survey of bloggers who blog about eating disorders or eating disorder recovery in partnership with a clinical psychologist for joint research and publication purposes.

I'm hoping our survey generates lots of responses so that our findings are well-rounded, inclusive and convincing.  The only two requirements are that you must have an active blog and that it must address, at least in part, your experiences with an eating disorder.  I'm hoping for responses from people of all ages and genders who are in all stages of recovery and who suffer from a diversity of eating disorders, from anorexia to binge eating disorder to ed-nos to orthorexia. 

If the scope of the study pertains to your own experiences, I invite you to participate by taking it.  More information and a survey link can be found here or http://the-f-word.org/blog/index.php/2008/03/23/eating-disordered-bloggers-wanted-for-survey/

Thank you!

Rachel Richardson

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Hey there!

Have you found yourself stuck in a place where you feel uncomfortable being YOU? Have you wanted to go to a place where you can be yourself, share stories with others like yourself, and just kick back for some fun?

Then this might be the site for you! It's a new forum community focusing on the LGBT side of things. It's a place for all kinds of members - Young, old, new to the internet, veterans to the LGBT community, tall, short, shy, outgoing, anyone you can think of!

Please take a moment to check us out. I promise you won't be disappointed - You'll want to keep coming back!

The Pink Line.
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I've started a new job just last week, and mostly all I eat is a little bit of veggies (lettuce, carrot, tomato, cucumber, olive... it's what I prepare at work) until about five-six.pm every day. So I'm really only eating one full meal at night, after work, and I hate it! I need to eat dinner or else my father will be grouchy with me... but the good thing is that I tell him that I've eaten breakfast and lunch, too, so he leaves me alone about that.

But eating only one meal a day is horrible. I'm really trying to start boosting my metabolism by eating smaller meals, not just three times a day but more, maybe six or seven times. The salad that I have is seventy calories for one bowl, and that fills me up for quite a while, so even if I ate that ten times a day, I'd still stay under my calorie consumption for the day.

Instead of this really awesome idea, instead I've been coming home from work and having pizza or pasta or something gross like that. I can't help myself, but I haven't been purging at all because it never makes me feel TOO full. I haven't purged in weeks. I'd rather stay away from it, though, but I can't stop myself from eating the crap I that eat. I'd rather stick to my salads and veggie dogs and mmm garlic.

Did you know that apple tastes absolutely wonderful in salad?
Devil Doll


I'm not doing so well.  See, I ate a whole meal today, and I'm feeling really guilty about it cause I've put on tons of weight recently and I just wanna be like 100 pounds again, or even 110.

Only I can't throw up what I just ate cause my sister is in the house and she'll hear me, I'm sure.  Plus I'm so sick of purging all the time, it just makes me feel like crap.

I feel so FUCKING FAT.