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'momento mori, momento nisus'

IMPERIUM- A Harry Potter Adult Era Role-Play
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Imperium RP - 'Momento Mori, Momento Nisus'

The Story

Voldemort. The name was fast becoming taboo; something whispered rather then spoken out loud. A powerful wizard on the rise, supported by influential pureblooded families and those who would seek to have control over the wizarding world. His most valiant followers go under the title of ‘Death Eaters’.

The year is 1979. Albus Dumbledore, famed wizard, has taken up the challenge everyone else refused. With this new Darkness on the rise, he has seen fit to create a faction to subdue it. The Order of the Phoenix- a group of high-quality sorcerers and trained Aurors. The Order was meant to peacefully dissolve the growing ranks of Voldemort. However, this proved task more arduous then anyone could have guessed.

Soon enough, the toll in murders escalated; and for the first time, it was the Death Eaters under their new Dark Lord who were taking credit for these crimes. Denouncing muggles, mudbloods, and any other ‘impure’ creature, Voldemort’s ranks began a rampage that has yet to be quelled. Any who get in his way or refuse to join him become targets.


The story takes place after MWPP have graduated Hogwarts School. This plotline will focus heavily on the war between the Death Eaters and the Original Order of the Phoenix. It will be slightly AU; in other words, just because Lily and James die in the actual books, does not mean they will be kicking the bucket any time soon within the realm of this guild.

There are plenty of role plays out there that focus on the Trio Era, or the in-school adventures of the Marauders. However, if you’re looking for something a little different, then this is your place.


The Rules

If you are accepted into the RP, these are the guidelines we ask that you follow. Read them before you play. You may also wish to read them before applying for Imperium.

We’re relatively easy going, but continuous abuse of these rules after two warnings will result in your immediate dismissal. So take it seriously, and everybody can have a good time.

1. If you are accepted into the guild, you are agreeing to POST AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. We’re people too, and we totally understand things like getting sick, going on vacation, and computer crashes. If you will be legitimately out longer then a week, please inform us, and no harm done. Otherwise, we may be liable to re-open your character.
2. For the purposes of this role play, you are allowed to apply for UP TO TWO characters (they need separate applications). We ask that you please try not to apply for two ‘interactive’ characters. In other words, please don’t apply for Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. You’ll end up posting to yourself- not pretty, and not fun. Only apply for a second character if your first one is accepted.
3. NO GOD MODING without permission. It’s okay for you to say ‘after getting home from a meeting with the Order…’, implying there was a meeting even if it was not role played in real-time. However, it is not okay for you to say ‘James and Peter got into a fist fight during the Order meeting’ if that didn’t happen. If you are unsure if it’s okay to say something, please ask the person playing the character in question.
4. NO BEING RUDE. What’s In Character stays In Character. Do not bring role-play fights into the OOC. Similarly, don’t bring real life arguments into character with you. We ask that you maintain a courteous disposition with all other Players as well as the Moderators whenever possible.
5. Stay in character. This is an easy one. You can stray from canon, of course; that goes along lines of character development. Somehow though, Tom Riddle suddenly deciding he really loves muggles and running off to go get married to Dumbledore seems a little far fetched… You get the picture. Try to keep it within reason and the realm of believability.
6. This is a SLASH AND FEM SLASH FRIENDLY role play. Intolerance for a character’s ‘sexual orientation’ is not acceptable. This role play admits all forms of coupling, within reason. So no badgering.
7. Within the role play, only two of the three ‘Unforgivable’ curses will be permitted. Imperius and Crucio can only be cast by a character onto another character with the CONSENT of that player. AVADA CURSE IS NOT PERMITTED. No killing off other characters- Trying to Avada someone will result in immediate dismissal of that player.
8. NC-17 Scenes are permitted, but require a LJ cut and an obvious warning so those who do not wish to read them do not have to. If you’re not sure if something is NC-17 material of not, LJ Cut it just to be on the safe side, or ask a mod.
9. No Brit Picking please. It’s annoying.
10. Owls posted from one character to another will be put behind LJ cuts. You can charm these to be private, or not. The subject line of your journal entries should say ‘Owl To…’. Please only post these in your In-Character journal, not on the RP board.
11. Spelling and Grammer aren't everything; but respect them. 'Othderwis dey will kum git j00'. <~ None of that, ladies and gents.
12. ORIGINIAL CHARACTERS are accepted. But, seriously. Look at the character list. You have a very large number of characters in which have little more then their copyrighted name. In other words… we’d rather you made an ‘original’ character from one of the lesser known choices already listed. But, if this does not appeal to you, and you still would like to create your own, that’s fine too. But please… No Mary Sue’s. Sirius’s first cousin who just happens to be Snape’s ex-lover will not be accepted.
13. Have Fun. Have to save the best rule for last. If you refuse to have fun… we’ll be forced to attack you with cheese sticks. Oh, the terror.

If you have any questions, feel free to grab one of your friendly neighborhood Moderators and ask. Our names are RJ and Maddie. Catch us on AIM at…

Flaxen Foe

Fledgling Mark

We play Lucius/Arthur --- James/Severus respectively. If you’d like to email us, do so at imperium_mods@yahoo.com. Thanks and we look foreward to hearing form you.

The Application

Behold. The dreaded application!

If you would like to apply for a character, please fill this out and then send it to imperium_mods@yahoo.com with the name of the character you are applying for in the subject title. If you are applying for an original character, we urge to you read the rules before Applying.

Answers may be as long or short as you wish them to be, unless otherwise specified. Use your own discretion. Thank you and good luck!

~Player Info~

Name/Nickname (Or what should we call you?):
Email Address:
Time Zone:
RP Experience (If any):
Have you read the entire HP series thus far (Yes or No):
If Not, Which Book(s) haven’t you read?:
How did you find this rp?:
Any information that you would like to tell the Mods that has not been mentioned (your favorite colour is an acceptable answer):

~Character Info~

Character You Are Applying For:
Death Eater/Order Member/Auror/Neutral:
Physical Appearance:
Character Biography/History:
Possible PB? (Aka- who are you thinking of using for an icon?):
Anything Else We Should Know?:

~Sample Posts~

Sample 1st person entry (100+ words):
Sample 3rd person entry (100+ words):

Character List

If there is a LJ user next to the name of the character, it has already been taken. Please choose to apply only for a character with ‘open’ beside the name.

(M) = Moderator Character
(PENDING) = This character is taken, but has yet to create a journal.


Albus Dumbledor (M) x_headmaster_x
James Potter (M) grinning_prongs
Sirius Black white_sheep
Remus J. Lupin chocolate_wolf
Lily Evans enchanted_lily
Arthur Weasley (M) head_weasly
Benjy Fenwick _ben_fenwick
Molly Prewett rabidknitting
Dorcas Meadowes meadow_witch
Minerva McGonagall macgoogles
Frank Longbottom (open)
Alice Longbottom (open)
Alastor Moody (open)
Rubeus Hagrid (open)
Dedalus Diggle (open)
Edgar Bones (open)
Bertha Jorkins (open)
Marlene McKinnon (open)
Emmeline Vance (open)
Sturgis Podmore (open)
Hestia Jones (open)
Fabian Prewett (open)
Gideon Prewett (open)
Elphias Doge (open)


Tom Marvelo Riddle aka Voldemort (open)
Lucius Malfoy (M) cane_envy
Severus Snape (M) ridicule_this
Narcissa Black silver_echos
Bellatrix Black amazonbella
Regulus Black _pure_black_
Ludovic Bagman quidditch_man
Rodolphus LeStrange ruddy_strange
Peter Pettigrew (open)
Rebastan LeStrange (open)
Walden Macnair (open)
Antonin Dolohov (open)
Vincent Crabbe (open)
Gregory Goyle (open)
Oliver Nott (open)
N. Parkinson (open)
Augustus Rookwood (open)
Wallace Wilkes (open)


Andromeda Black andi_black
Gilderoy Lockheart (open)
Cornelius Fudge (open)
Amos Diggory (open)
Ted Tonks (open)
Argus Filch (open)
Sybill Trelawney (open)
Bartemius Crouch (open)
Mundungus Fletcher (open)
Amelia Bones (open)
Madame Rosmerta (open)
Arabella Doreen Figg (open)
Gladys Gudgeon (open)
Rita Skeeter (open)
____ Quirrell (open)