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Hi Everybody!!

I just wanted to inform everyone that the Official Mugglenet.com Live Journal Community has been created, and is officially open. It was created to serve as a haven for all Harry Potter fans, and can be accessed by searching the user name muggle_net or by clicking on the link below. Join, and share comments, questions, requests, suggestions, information, news, fan art, fan fiction, your love for the Harry Potter series, both movie and book, and anything else.


I hope to see you there. If these type of posts are not allowed, im sorry.
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Malfoy Manor - open

Getting Narcissa into bed had proved more frustrating than successful. In an effort to subdue his urges, Lucius invited an old friend from Hogwarts over for a visit.

The night had been particularly enjoyable. It started with tangoing and ballroom dancing in the ball room. It was followed by dinner. The two ended up retiring in to the bedroom.

She had taken some floo powder and gone home hours ago leaving the young man nude in his bed to think.

Unashamed he laid there. The Dark Lord had commanded everyone to be less discriminate on their targets. There was to be no end to the madness. Malfoy sighed.

He wondered how long it would be for the power and fortune that he had been promised to finally manifest. It was no emergency, his parents had left him more than he could possibly need but Lucius wanted the power. It was all he wanted.

Malfoy rose from the bed and grabbed a robe before going onto the balcony. He spotted a figure below.
Hair from Back

Remus's Housewarming J and L get ready, apparate and arrive when S and R join in .. think thats it!

The day of the housewarming party arrived bright and clear. Lily collected together all the foodstuffs she'd promised for the party, far more than the five of them could consume assuming they were all there. There would be plenty should Sirius decide to accost the locals and drag them in, what a shock they might have if he did, or failing that to feed Remus for a day or two. Remembering that there was no oven in Remus's flat and that all cooking was at wand tip, she'd picked carefully. Some quiches, sausage roll-y thinks, pastries both savoury and sweet, the obligatory chocolate cheesecake (of course), chopped up salad stuff, halved jacket potatoes with cheesey centres and a few other plates of assorted favourites. She hoped that it would be okay.

Having sorted everything out foodwise it was time to sort herself out and a quick shower called before dressing in something suitable. Looking through her wardrobe Lily picked a red almost off the shoulder top with a matching chocker and black trousers, smart yet partylike, something to do all occasions. Just as she was putting the finishing touch to her appearance the door opened. There was only one person that could be. "Mhmmmm Mr Potter, come here and give me a hug," she asked eyes looking him up and down. It didn't matter what he wore, he was always gorgeous.

RP with Remus Lupin

Sirius pulled the motorbike up outside Remus's flat, leaving it parked on the road; anyone who tried to steal it was in for a treat, due to some ... interesting spells that he'd put on it. He walked to the door of Remus's flat and knocked on the door, wondering if there was any particular reason that Remus had wanted him to arrive early, or if it was just for the undeniably excellent company he provided, much better than that Potter bloke, he thought affectionately. Sirius stood, waiting for Remus to let him in.

Order Meeting Continued ...

(OOC: The continuation of the Initial Order Meeting. Please feel free to continue to comment on that thread if characters haven't already done so fully, or at all! I started a new entry so as not to get lost on an old page too soon. Hope that's okay with everyone.)

As the fifteen minute time allowed for questioning came to an end Minerva looked around the room to see that she and Albus had been correct in the past students, and others, they had individually selected and invited here tonight, for each and every one of them had chosen to remain. For a while after her initial speech there had been a stunned quiet and then gradually people began to talk amongst themselves. She, herself at the front of the room, had been asked very few questions with Albus appearing in the same situation.

Finally the fifteen minutes came to an end and she turned to Albus with a nod before clearing her throat to speak again.

"It is most gratifying that you all feel able to help. There are those of you here with demanding jobs and families that will undoubtedly feel the strain of work of this nature, to those people who support you in that, our thanks also. By remaining in the room from this point .." she hesitated should anyone have had doubts but not left till now, ".. you have agreed to confidentiality of the matters discussed here tonight and at further meetings. You have also agreed to become part of a secret organisation that shall from hereon be known as 'The Order of the Phoenix'. The work of the Order will be, as I have already stated, to support the Aurors in their work towards ceasing the increasing activities of the dark wizards, under their deadly and powerful leader whilst ensuring the capture of the perpertrators of those crimes. The work will no doubt be tiresome, it may have an element of danger about it. We will work as a team, drawing upon each member's strengths as a good team should. As you look around the room today you will see a diversity of membership. Some of you may wonder why others are here. Let it be enough that Albus and I have invited each and every one of you for a particular strength or talent that the Order shall need."

Minerva took another small break, reaching for the glass beside her to refresh her throat whilst watching the assembled crowd who took the short opportunity for a whispered word to the person sitting beside them.

"Future meetings will take place in my classroom at Hogwarts. Arrival in my classroom will be by floo only which will be opened twenty minutes before the meeting is due to start and sealed once again twenty minutes after the meeting has finished. The classroom will be sealed in every other way, the pupils will be unable to enter the meeting and we shall be unable to leave. It is imperative that the security at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is protected at all times."

Minerva took nother look around the room during a pause for the information to be absorbed, only continuing when she was satisfied people were ready for more.

"Now some information for you to get you started in your work for the Order of the Phoenix. There have been a number of muggle tortures recently. The ministry has noted the increase in numbers as serious. Each muggle house that can be linked to wizard activity has been marked by the killers with a mark, a skull with a snake coming from its mouth. We are calling this mark the Dark Mark. It is strongly believed to be the emblem of the leader of the Dark Wizards. It is believed that there are those inside the ministry passing information to the dark wizards, it is further believed that there are dark wizards working inside the ministry. To each and everyone of you I say beware. Beware of those you consider may be working for that side, beware of witches and wizards who may to this point be strangers to you. At this point I feel I may quote a famous muggle leader and say that 'Careless Talk Costs Lives'."

"I shall once again break the meeting, this time finally. The room is available until the end of the evening for the purposes of discussion or planning that any members may wish to undertake. An owl will be issued within a week or so with the date of the next meeting, but in the meantime should any one of you gain any intelligence that any of the others should know, please spread that information with care. It is perhaps time for one last quote before asking if there are any questions, this time from one of the greatest aurors of our time, Mr Alastor Moody. 'Constant vigilence' Order members please."

With a nod Minerva indicated her willigness to answer any questions that anyone may wish to ask.

Death Eaters Meeting (DE only)

Lucius made his way to the forest clearing with relative ease. This was not the first time that a meeting had been issued there so everyone knew how to get there. The reunion of the powerful elite was about to begin.

Malfoy passed the stone benches and made his way onto the raised block.

In ancient times this place had been an alter to an imaginary god. Years of neglect had occured and only the mount on which the statue had once stood remained. Lucius stood there now facing the three intact benches which would not be used.

Thoughts gathered in his mind as he readied himself for company.

The Death Eaters are called to Assemble - self-rp

Lucius stood on the balcony that came off the bedroom which faced the lake. It was the perfect time to be out there as the sun began to set behind the hills. He owned all the land around him and the seclusion of the place added nicely to the peacful mood.

Suddenly there was a gust of wind that blew Lucius' hair back. It was followed by a sudden pain to his gut. Although he knew what was happening the shock of it was still great. The Dark Lord was calling to him with a message.

Malfoy grabbed the railing of the balcony to stabalize himself. A sharp pain went through his body as the message came to him.

"Yes master, I will tell the others."

The pain subsided for a moment as another sensation was felt. The Dark Mark began to pulsate as the meeting was officially called in the forest. Once again Lucius would be leading the meeting as Voldemort had other matters to deal with.

The man turned and walked inside his bedroom. He placed a black cloak over his robes then took his leave.

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Benjy entered Pandora's Place and glanced around, he dropped his bag onto the floor and apraised the place

Dor's still got pretty good taste. He thought as he shrugged his jacket off and sat down at a table. He unknotted his tie and left it to hang loosley round his neck. Rubbing his temples he ordered a drink and waited.
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