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Some extra 4komas

Hi everyone!

I'm fairly new to the fandom, so I'm not entirely sure if these have already been scanlated, but I can't seem to find them anywhere, so I went ahead and translated them (badly. Please take the translations with a grain of salt...). This is a 4koma by guest artist Kusumoto Hiroki from pages 51 and 52 of the first fan book, "Perfect Guide"/"Complete Strategy Guide".

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If you have the RAWs and spot translation mistakes, please let me know and I'll fix them ASAP!


Kaori Ozaki's new series: Kamisama ga Uso o Tsuku

Long time no see everyone. I no longer post on LJ (I post more on my Tumblr now), but for those that are still around, Kaori Ozaki just started a new series called Kamisama ga Uso o Tsuku. The first chapter just came out in Kodansha's Afternoon magazine on March 25th.

A RAW of the first chapter can be downloaded here. A group is now scanlating the chapters. You can read the first chapter just by googling the title... The new main character (Nanao Natsuru) looks awfully like a blue-eyed Yuca...

This isn't really Immortal Rain-related, but I figured people would be interested in Kaori's new work after taking a break for about two years.

Darling - Meteor Methuselah Fan Book 2

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Heeeey, everyone. I hope everyone here is still alive! Broken Violin scanlation group is bringing you one final release. This is the second fan book that was released during last year's Summer Comiket after the series ended. The contents include a short After Story to the original storyline and the last chapter to the school AU from the first fan book.

As I said, this is very likely our final release, since Broken Violin was made for the Immortal Rain series. The stories are not very long, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Thank you for all your support and encouragement. :)

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I just wanted to drop off a little reminder that we still have a manga downloads/reading section (only accessible to members of the LJ community) in the community if you're looking for previous chapters. I've noticed the majority of the scanlations in the community have already been uploaded to online reading sites, but if you want better quality... here's where to go. :) The scanlations of the remaining extra stories are still in the works. Not really sure how fast they'll be out though. ;;

I've updated it a little bit, but if there's anything else I should add... please let me know!

If anyone is interested in purchasing the Japanese volumes, you can go to YesAsia. Just type "metosera" or "methuselah" in the search engine and it'll pop up!
Miharu Dream


Thank you so much to everyone for their patience! classes, work, midterms, huge amounts homework, and this wretched little dying monster also known as my pathetic attempt at interacting productively with fellow humans (A.K.A. "my social life," pathetically inept creature that it is) have drained me and stolen all my time away. Now that I'm finally on break (thank goodness...a few days of relative peace) I finally had time to sit down and beat out this final chapter. Thank you so much for waiting! I hope everyone enjoys this! Look forward to extras by the wonderful Broken Violin scanlation group!

I'm just an inexperienced fan and aspiring translator who had tried to bring Immortal Rain to the fandom, so I feel blessed beyond words by everyone's support. I hope you'll all stick around for whatever project I take on next. In the mean time, please enjoy 50 pages of Immortal Rain! 

Miharu Dream

TRIPLE RELEASE! [ Immortal Rain 63-65 ]

I locked myself in my room tonight and got to work on the last stretch (mostly pages that were troubling me translation-wise). The illogical and maddening dialogue explosion in chapter 63 was a little bit of a challenge to translate in parts. My Japanese skills are, of course, far from professional-level. However, I'm really happy to be able to release all three of these chapters! The very last chapter is over 50 pages long (with a little epilogue), so I'll get to work on that ASAP. /FALLS OVER DEAD I hope to have it released whenever school allows me to work on it!

I can't believe we're so close to the end. One more chapter, everyone!


Download all 3 chapters @ roseille_scans