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Original Fiction // If You Hadn’t But You Did

Title: If You Hadn’t But You Did
Rating: PG
Author: elekanahmen
Disclaimer: This isn’t a cry for help, this story is just my way of picking apart feelings I have and getting emotions out that I can’t get out without scaring people. If you don’t want to read it, by all means, don’t fuckin’ read it. It’s just a catharsis.
Summary: A seemingly happy girl takes her life and her family and friends are left to ask themselves why, they get their answers from a mysterious guest.
Warnings: Deals with suicide. This, again, is NOT a cry for help from me. Some of the details at the beginning are taken from when I did try to kill myself, I’m taking poetic license by having it work because seven years later, I’m living proof that it doesn’t. I’m beyond the days in which I thought that suicide was the answer, and I know now that it isn’t. If you need to talk to me know that I am here and I will never judge you. Please don’t ever feel like Susanna feels and talk to someone. But again. Please DON'T rush me to a shrink. This is all just things i needed to release.
Dedications: To every single one of you who has listened to my cry and a tight hug when I needed it. It’s you who keep me from becoming her.
To my friends, a word: This isn’t me placing the blame for some of the problems in my life on any of you. I love you all dearly and while sometimes we have our moments, I don’t hold a single one of you responsible for how I feel (unless your names are James or Andrea but they aren’t my friends now are they)  The way the ‘mysterious guest’ deals with the answers to the questions of the girl’s family is harsh, it’s cold, and it’s brutal. I would never, ever, ever place the blame for anything that I feel on any of you, so please do not take the words said in here to heart. Like I said, this is just me airing a lot of anger, anguish, and self deprecation out without hurting anyone. Please if you think this will hurt you or make you angry with me, stop reading now. That isn’t what this is meant for. Some of this stuff is made up, some of it (the parents part and the stalker part) is true to life (my life), but other than that its mostly made up. Please, if you fear that you may take offense to this, don't read it. But it does have a powerful message... I hope.

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