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Title: Chaverot*
Author: elekanahmen aka Jax
Fandom: Criminal Minds/NCIS Crossover
Pairing: JJ/Emily
Disclaimer- I don't own them, as they're clearly NOT chained up in my closet
Rating: PG
Summary: A Profile indicating that an Unsub is a Naval officer brings the BAU to NCIS, reuniting old friends and mixed signals cause some jealousy. Takes place in an unknown pocket of time after CM 3x09 and before the finales of both shows because I don't know who's dying in what or where, nor do I want to *Plugs ears* lalala I can't hear you!
Note: After a very animated conversation with my mother about the prospect of an NCIS/CM crossover episode set, I had so many ideas that ended up metamorphosing in my mind, clearly, while I was doing my dishes. And when inspiration strikes... I'm quite possibly fudging a couple ages to make Ziva and Emily close enough in age for this to work. Seeing as the actresses portraying them are ten or so years apart, I'm being generous making them four to six years apart. To soporificeffect for my translations and hebrew/english beta! Shalom. To maekala for all the other foreign languages ;). To sofia_lindsay for the beta! And to lena_fan gilligankane jessi_08 and everyone else who has encouraged me. This fandom has got to be one of the best, if not the best, that I've ever written for. You're all SO supportive. To blienky27 for your suggestions as well!

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