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I'm still here...

Okay, so... Over a year ago was the last time I wrote. I want to get back to writing now that my life is hopefully starting to fall back into place. Here's what you can expect:

Glee! (Brittana mostly. Maybe some Brittana/Puck, Puck/Quinn {emphasis on MAYBE}, Tina/Artie--possibly some RPS with Naya/Heather but idk, we'll see.)
Criminal Minds! (My usual suspects, I do plan on finishing that damn drabble table, dammit.)

Don't forget my prompt challenge is STILL in effect so if you guys have any new prompts that you want to throw at me, I will start slowly rehabilitating my plot bunnies HERE.

I have a Glee fic that I'm about to post, but Gleeks, help me out, what communities would be friendly to a fic that's MOSTLY Brittana but has Puck involved as the catalyst for the smut, with some brief het at the end. I have a feeling it wouldn't be taken too kindly in a femslash comm but I'm not SURE. It's not graphic on the Puck end but it does... meh, I don't want to spoil it, I'll post it, you read it and tell me where it would fit! Also, I am not in any Glee fic comms, so point me in a direction.

I MISS YOU KIDS. I miss writing my babies. Feels good to be back in the saddle.

{Also, check igotshotbyjackie.com to see all the crazy shenanigans that have kept me so busy over the last year. Also, I now have a fancy Bachelor of the Arts in Professional Photography. It's shiny... as shiny as a piece of parchment can be.}
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A Change of Pace

I've never often been one for drabbles, but I've written a few and I've had fun with them. I've also been having a lot of fun reading various and sundry different pairings (most of which I've been introduced to by mcgarrygirl78, severity_softly and innerslytherin.) So I saw the other day that gilligankane posted her CM Drabble table for JJ/Em and I thought... yano, how fun would it be to do a single table of mixed cm fics? Slash, femslash, het, any pairing that I can imagine, maybe some solo shots, some threesomes, some kink...

I actually feel inspired to do this SO before I change my mind (or forget) here's the table that will serve as a linkback for all of my stories. Each linkback will go to the TOP of the header, so you will never be thrown into a story without knowing who/what/where/when/why/how and also each story will be posted behind a cut in its own post or in a group post so that you can navigate through the list.

So without further ado:

001. Beginnings021. Friends041. Shapes061. Winter081. How
002. Ends022. Enemies042. Triangle062. Spring082. If
003. Middles023. Lovers043. Circle063. Summer083. And
004. Insides024. Family044. Square064. Fall084. He
005. Outsides025. Strangers045. Moon065. Passing085. She
006. Hours026. Teammates046. Star066. Rain086. Choices
007. Weeks027. Parents047. Heart067. Snow087. Life
008. Days028. Children048. Diamond068. Lightning088. School
009. Months029. Birth049. Club069. Thunder089. Work
010. Years030. Death050. Spade070. Storm090. Home
011. Red031. Sunrise051. Water071. Broken091. Birthday
012. Orange032. Sunset052. Fire072. Fixed092. Christmas
013. Yellow033. Too Much053. Earth073. Light093. Thanksgiving
014. Green034. Not Enough054. Air074. Dark094. Independence
015. Blue035. Sixth Sense055. Spirit075. Shade095. New Year
016. Purple036. Smell056. Breakfast076. Who?096. Writer's Choice
017. Brown037. Sight057. Lunch077. What?097. Writer's Choice
018. Black038. Touch058. Dinner078. When?098. Writer's Choice
019. White039. Taste059. Food079. Where?099. Writer's Choice
020. Colorless040. Sound060. Drink080. Why?100. Writer's Choice

Also, I've decided that unless I'm asked to post somewhere with my stories, I'm not going to post them in communities... It's tiring and repetitive and more often than not it's met with community snobbery and I just don't have fun posting in comms... so if you are in a comm and you want me to put my stories up there, just let me know. I know that sounds snobby, but I'm just tired of community BS and getting catty bullshit about tags or headers... whatever. Anyway, point... fics are going to be posted here unless otherwise prompted.

Now, I'm off to go write a couple of those drabbles, eh?

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Jax's I Need Your Angst Please Challenge

Okay kids.

Last time, I asked you to challenge me.

This time, I'm challenging you.

I need angst. I do. I really do.

Angst that isn't mine.

Your prompt are the following lyrics from Yoko Kanno and Emily Curtis' song "What's It For"

Same pairings welcome as the previously mentioned challenge.

I'm not too sure I can go much further
I'm not even sure the things are even getting better
I'm so tired of me that has to disagree
I'm so tired of me that's in control

I woke up to see the sun shining all around me
how could it shine down on me?
you'd think It didn't notice
I can't take it anymore
had to ask myself,
"what's it really for?"

everything I tried to do it didn't matter
and now I might be better off just rolling over
cause you know I tried so hard but couldn't change a thing
and it hurts so much I might as well let it go

I can't really take the sun shining all around me
why would it shine down on me?
you'd think it might have noticed
I no longer believe
I can't help tellin' myself
"it don't mean a thing"

I woke up to find the sun shining all around me
how could it shine down on me?
sun shining all it's beauty
why would it shine down on me?
you'd think that it would notice
I can't take it anymore
just had to ask myself
"what's it really for?"

Don't ask why, please, just give me angst.
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All Your Bunnies Are Belong To Me

So, realizing that not everyone on my comm can read my LJ, I gathered that some of you may not know about my "Hey I'm bored, why don't you guys all prompt me" post which has turned into the great "All Your Bunnies Are Belong To Me" Challenge. So I'm opening it up in a few ways, and I don't just mean Emily's thighs (WHOA).

Here's the poop. Give me a prompt, a type of story, a rating and a fandom/pairing. That's right, I'm opening this sucker wide. You can all contribute and you can pick from ANY fandom that I've written/hope to write. This includes:
Criminal Minds: JJ/Emily (OTP), Emily/Any female, JJ/Any female, Garcia/Any female (No Strauss. A line must be drawn somewhere.) Emily/anyone from the fandoms listed below.
NCIS: Abby/Ziva
NCIS/CM Crossovers: Abby/Garcia, Emily/Ziva
Law & Order SVU*: Olivia/Casey, Olivia/Alex
Wicked: G(a)linda/Elphaba
Runaways*: Nico/Karolina, Xavin/Karolina, N/K/X
Nikki & Nora*: Nikki/Nora
Glee: Brittany/Santana (OTP), Artie/Tina, Brittany/Santana/Puck, Puck/Quinn {Also willing to RPS Naya/Heather}

The Roster thus far:

  1. xiotonks: CM: JJ/Emily, Emily's first gay bar, Smut, NC-17 {Complete}
  2. sofia_lindsay: CM: JJ/Emily, Chocolate Sauce Involved, Smut, NC-17 {Complete}
  3. maekala: CM: JJ/Emily, Songfic: Billie Piper "Safe with Me", Emily's POV {Complete}
  4. polgara247: CM: JJ/Emily, Pregnant Emily, dealing with mom issues, Smut, NC-17 {Complete}
  5. calliopes_muse: CM: JJ/Emily, Alternate "In Heat" ending sans Crawfish, Smut, NC-17
  6. tranqui: CM: JJ/Emily, Ambassador Prentiss outs Emily to the team and betrays her prediliction for blondes, Crack/Humor, PG-13
  7. jessi_08: CM: JJ/Emily, Dead or maimed Crawfish by Emily's hand, Any type, Any rating.
  8. nikkiandnora: CM: JJ/Emily, Sequel to Revenge is..., Smut, NC-17 (Addendum: hynotic_n_crazy specified "Sex in a closet at the Ambassador's" --now that's what I call coming out of the closet.)
  9. resigned_heart: CM: JJ/Emily, Garcia as God, Crack, any rating
  10. nikkiandnora: CM: JJ/Emily, Emily takes JJ against the wall with a strappie, Smut, NC-17
  11. cyandragonfly: CM x N&N: JJ/Emily, Nikki/Nora, The murder of William LaMontagne Jr., a bit of story. (Have a feeling this will become a chapterfic. I've so been avoiding those, Franks. Thanks =P Also, this will not be related to Jessi's request. Separate stories.) Prologue // Chapter 1 // Chapter 2
  12. bug_says_meep: Wicked (Bookverse): Glinda/Elphaba, smut in whatever vehicle they took to get to the Emerald City,NC-17
  13. abilena: Law & Order: SVU: Olivia/Casey fic. Smut in the precinct.
  14. sofia_lindsay & gilligankane: CM: JJ/Emily, sequel to The Gift, a follow-up, pregnant-horny-Emily smut-piece (that's a quote from SL)
  15. peacetea2: CM: JJ/Emily, Sneaky subtext from 'In Heat', Non-smut, PG-13
  16. lavidacobra: Glee: Brittana or Naya/Heather: Wicked, Any rating.
  17. lavidacobra: Glee: Brittana, Cotton Candy

Y'uns are a smutty bunch. I will take any prompt, within reason (no rape, torture, bdsm (light bondage play is ok), etc). I won't write het because I don't feel like squicking myself. I won't write character death unless it's William LaMontagne, Jr. Anything else--ANYTHING else is fair game. Smut, Fluff, Crack and Angst welcome, but be warned, I mostly suck at angst.

*Marks fandom i've never written. Please request these knowing they'll likely suck.
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Leap of Faith

Alright, kids, so I went through and edited tags entry by entry. Now, via the tags on the left of my layout, you can find that one story, series, fandom, icon post, etc. that you were looking for.

I changed my layout, 's a bit grim, but it's adorable.

Finally, and most importantly... I made all of my posts public. That's right. You no longer have to be a member to read my stories.

In the four years and change that I've had this comm, it's ALWAYS been private, members only. Honestly? I'm sick of the emails, the messages, the comments asking how to join. BUT... and this is the big but... if I find out that my stories are being duplicated or archived anywhere at all without my permission, it's going back into lockdown. I know, I'm totally paranoid... but it's happened. It really has. And it pissed me off/scared the shit out of me... but I'm trying to be more mellow!! Mellow yellow, right?

Sorry that there was backdating fail... I feel pretty shitty about that, but it's for archiving at Women in Kevlar and Passion & Perfection... get my earlier stuff posted on there without redirecting to cm_f...

Oh and anyone else interested in the wicked/other stuff beta... that'd be fab. laylat has stepped up for the wicked team :)
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Notice & Apology

As a notice to everyone and an apology in case my backdating fails, I'm reposting my nine criminal minds fics here in their entirety. I'm going to seriously TRY to backdate them, but I know sometimes backdating is made of epic, epic, monstrous, evil fail. So please don't kill me too much, I'm terribly delicate.

Also, i'm going to be revamping tags too... and I'd also love to have one or two additional betas that I can nag on my beck and call?

Right now for Criminal Minds fics, I have sofia_lindsay and cyandragonfly but I don't have a beta for Wicked. I'm also considering picking up either NCIS or Law & Order fics, but i'd have to delve a little deeper into fandom or fics before I feel comfortable. I'm also going to try to do more icon making.

In other words, this community is officially off hiatus.

Additionally... I would love to have another moderator here to help me with the membership queue (for wicked fics, though I'm tempted to just make the community public again...) and general asshattery that may happen... I would also consider, if anyone wanted to make a partnership for posting icons or fic... maybe make this a team instead of a solo show... I'd consider it.

Anyway. Yes. So recap: Apologies in advance if backdating fails epically. Tag revamps. Beta readers? Hiatus no more! Mods? Sharing? Bueller? Bueller? Anybody? Bueller?
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FAQ 2.0 (Updated)

Alright, so, since it appears that I'm back in the saddle with this thing, I need to write a new spanky FAQ... Since this time Questions HAVE actually been asked.

[One] Jackie, Why is your community locked? Isn't the point and purpose of writing fanfic so that it can be shared with EVERYONE?
[Answered] You can thank a handful of immature, inconsiderate people for that... Basically, a few years back when I'd first started writing Wicked fic and was much, much more active in the fandom (to the point of do ing layouts and icons much more frequently than I do now) someone decided to take graphic work that I'd done personally for myself and claimed it was their original work; without any consideration for me or the work I'd done on it. I had specifically asked that no one take the work I'd done for myself, but... Some people just don't care. Well, I do. Also, down the road, someone had created a greatest journal where they used some of my personal layouts as their own, taking credit for it there too. Naturally, this vexed me, so I worked with GJ admin and had the journal shut down. I've also had some bad experiences with trolls, LJ Scraper (a bot that steals icons and graphics and redistributes them sans credit), and even plagiarizers. So now, by keeping the community locked (though I do approve 99% of new members) I can keep tabs on who is accessing my work and narrow the scope of theft possibilities. Collapse )

Any other Questions? Post them in replies, I will answer.

Also, I just took the time to clean out most posts that were irrelevant-- pimping communities, dead links, dead image links, etc, so now ALL posts are relevant or simply have content! Enjoy.
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