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FAQ 2.0 (Updated)

Alright, so, since it appears that I'm back in the saddle with this thing, I need to write a new spanky FAQ... Since this time Questions HAVE actually been asked.

[One] Jackie, Why is your community locked? Isn't the point and purpose of writing fanfic so that it can be shared with EVERYONE?
[Answered] You can thank a handful of immature, inconsiderate people for that... Basically, a few years back when I'd first started writing Wicked fic and was much, much more active in the fandom (to the point of do ing layouts and icons much more frequently than I do now) someone decided to take graphic work that I'd done personally for myself and claimed it was their original work; without any consideration for me or the work I'd done on it. I had specifically asked that no one take the work I'd done for myself, but... Some people just don't care. Well, I do. Also, down the road, someone had created a greatest journal where they used some of my personal layouts as their own, taking credit for it there too. Naturally, this vexed me, so I worked with GJ admin and had the journal shut down. I've also had some bad experiences with trolls, LJ Scraper (a bot that steals icons and graphics and redistributes them sans credit), and even plagiarizers. So now, by keeping the community locked (though I do approve 99% of new members) I can keep tabs on who is accessing my work and narrow the scope of theft possibilities. Collapse )

Any other Questions? Post them in replies, I will answer.

Also, I just took the time to clean out most posts that were irrelevant-- pimping communities, dead links, dead image links, etc, so now ALL posts are relevant or simply have content! Enjoy.
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