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Runaways // Fanmix // The Day Meets The Night {Nico/Karolina}

So, this started out innocently enough... I was working on a general Runaways Fanmix with downtown_sassy and I kept coming across ZOMGKN songs... so I made a Nicolina Fanmix... enjoy. Nico/Karolina is my otp fo shiz from Runaways and this is just kinda how I see/hope to see their relationship progressing/progress. C'est l'amour. (Mostly K to N because that's how I sympathize)

(And for those of you who don't know what Runaways is, it's an amazing comic series by Marvel about a group of runaway kids whose parents are... well, go read the series. Or google it. Or somefin. It's all midnight_united's fault.

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