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Icons // Cowboy Bebop, Invader Zim, Wicked, Beauty & the Beast, Tenchi Universe

A batch of icons here for you because my brain had a creative fart! You know the deal: comment and credit! The only exception: the edward/iHack one needs to be credited to me and "unknown" (i took the ihack desktop wallpaper made by an anon poster on a message board and tweaked it into an icon) Also, the Gelphie ones are inspired by someone's suggestion and icon on wicked_fanfic but the post was deleted. Whoever started it, thank you, they were fun to make!

Under the cut: 4 Cowboy Bebop (Ed), 5 InvaderZim (Gaz, Gir, Dib), 4 Wicked Book...ish (Gelphie), 1 Beauty & The Beast (Belle), and 1 Tenchi Universe (Washu).

Be forewarned: The Gelphie ones are probably NOT Work/Parentsafe so use discretion when clicking behind the cut!


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