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Thank you, Thank you all!

The voting at the CMFFAs have closed and the votes have been tabulated and thanks to you guys I was blessed with five awards, one first place and four in a scattering of other placements, so here you go, my awards:

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Thank you to everyone who came by and actually read my work and voted for me, and congrats to everyone who was nominated and everyone who won/placed. You guys really do make this one of the most awesome fandoms ever.
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For Your Consideration...

I'm a little overwhelmed right now with the cmfanficawards nominations that were just posted, so I would like to offer, for your consideration, my thirteen nominations:

Best New Author
Best Author Overall
Best Oneshot: "A Very Wicked Halloween"
Best Multi-Chapter: "2000 Miles"
Best Comedy: "Of Mothers and Whisky"
Best Parody: "Prepare To Be Boarded"
Best Het Romance: "La Tortura"
Best Femslash Romance: "Control", "The Gift", "Wonderful Child"
Best Smut/Sex Scene:"The Hostage Situation"
Best Crossover: "Chaverot"
Best Portrayal of a Main Character: (Emily Prentiss) "2000 Miles"

The voting is officially open, the ballot is here... I'm up against some AMAZING authors, some of whom I hold in close regard as some of the best of the best, including a couple of best friends and my girlfriend, so no love lost if you don't vote for me, i swear, i could care less if I win, I got lucky thirteen nominations :)

First and foremost, I wanted to make some recs to you guys on pieces that I personally find AMAZING, and a few authors as well... By and large, I recommend anything by babyfirefly ,mcgarrygirl78 gilligankane severity_softly &innerslytherin (also individually, those two), peacetea2 , aoibhe , hopskotch_hotch , nikkiandnora , sofia_lindsay , darkbardzero , chandlerina , steppenwolf_20 ... and so many more. I'm sorry if I left you out and I love you, there are so many, and personally, I'm not sure who or how to choose, this is insane. I love so many of these authors whether as writers, friends, my girlfriend or otherwise but I wish EVERYONE the best of luck and the clearest of minds while voting. Good luck, everyone!!! Remember everyone, vote, vote carefully and vote fairly--vote for the people/person in your heart and mind who truly deserves it.

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