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Jax: Fics 'n' Shit...

Not to be confused with Steak 'n' Shake...

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Fiction and Graphics by Jax
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Fanfic, Mixes, Graphics & Such by Jax [Elekanahmen]
Art Imitating Life, Life Imitating Chaos.
I have a feeling we're not in Kansas, anymore...
This LiveJournal community is my little place to post fiction, icons, fanmixes and other such fandom sundries. It's been my home on LJ for over four years now featuring icons and mixes from a handful of fandoms and fiction from Wicked and Criminal Minds.

I write a lot of short stories or two shot prequels/sequels. I have one serialized story near completion, Strawberries {Wicked//Gelphie}

Who are you?
Me? I'm Jax. A 24 year old college student sometimes known as elekanahmen. I'm a huge Wicked, Criminal Minds, Crime Drama, Anime, Cartoon fan. I love writing femslash and creating various and sundry icons for fandoms that I love. I currently live in Southern California but I'm an East Coast/Midwest girl originally with roots in southern Ontario, Canada (eh?). I graduated from High School in 2002 but I've jumped from school to school to school as first an English (Creative Writing) major, then a PhotoJournalism major and now a Commercial Photography major. I'll be done before 2010.

Please do not repost my mixes, icons, graphics, pictures or stories anywhere else without my permission. All creations of this community are Ⓒ2004-2008 Jax/Jackie T/elekanahmen. Non-original characters and situations are Ⓒ Their Respective Owners.

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{For Emily in 2,000 Miles}

{shared with xiotonks's piece "Truth Be Told"}

{shared with mcgarrygirl78 & nebula99}
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