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Gelphie // Fic // Strawberries 20/?

Title: Strawberries 20/?
Pairing: Elphaba/Galinda, Elphaba/Fiyero
Author: elekanahmen
Disclaimer: These characters are property of Gregory Maguire, Winnie Holzman, Stephen Schwartz, and all others involved in the book and musical production of Wicked
Warnings: A bit of illness
Summary: Elphaba gets to Colwen Grounds where she discovers her sister is now Governor of Munchkinland, and not a very good one. Nanny discovers something else and Elphie doesn't like it.
Dedications: I've been really busy lately but first and foremost, I want to thank Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth, and Melissa Fahn for making me a very very very happy bunneh last week. Thanks also to avathebrat for lotto-ing with me, softershade (and for your mom beind killer nice to me) and andibeth82 (also for being my SM) for Barking and Bitching with me, also to Andi for making me a supremely happy bunneh, to galindafication for sharing my joy with me on our best day ever, mysse for returning, even if its just for two months, mad_dancer for being the rockin' king of mount wannahockaloogie, turnitintolove for the kick ass mp3 swapathon, and to the rest of my readers, you are LOVED.

After about an hour of flying, my head began to spin. I tried to shake it off, continuing on towards Munchkinland and Colwen Grounds where I would be reunited with my family; with Shell, Nessa, Father, and Nanny. I blacked out, only for a moment, but even just that caused my broom to pitch and start a vicious, swirling nose dive. I pulled myself together just in enough time to crash land in the roof of a barn just outside of Old Pastoria, near the Corn Basket.  I groaned, thanking Oz for whoever invented the harvesting of hay and walked, albeit not well, out of the barn.  I gazed out over the familiar corn fields and smirked, remembering the days we used to tell young, gullible munchkin boys like Boq that the scarecrows came to life at night to steal little boys and turn them into crows. I shook my head and started to mount my broom.  A tall woodsman came out of his cottage, looking angry. “You there? What were you doing in my barn? SWEET OZ, WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BARN!”

I flew up and looked back over my shoulder, “My apologies, Master Chopper, send the bill to the Eminent Thropp!” And with those parting words, steadied myself and flew, once again, to Colwen Grounds. When at last I touched down at the edge of the red bricked road entering the capitol city, it was almost dark.  I steadied my bag on my shoulder, holding the broom tight. I moved in shadows, afraid the Gale Force had already swept down to my family’s home to seek me out. Taking a deep breath, I stepped out of the shadows and into the magnificent, torch lit doorway of the Thropp Homestead, a place that I both loathed and loved in my childhood. I raised my hand to take the dragon headed knocker when the door flew open. There before me stood a tall, muscular man with lightly rosed skin, looking almost like a Quadling man. “I’m looking for Ness-“

I didn’t get to finish my sentence as the man swept me into his arms, hugging me close. “Oh, Fabala, it’s you, it’s really you! It’s been so long since…”

As he set me down, I stepped back, squinting. The voice revealed him not to be a man but a boy in his later adolescent years, and not just any boy… “Shell? Is that you? When I last saw you.. you were…”

“Ten. Time flies, Fabala… oh how I’ve missed you, big sister.”

I threw my arms around him and embraced him again. “Oh, Shell, never change. Never, ever change.”

“Don’t worry, Nessarose did enough changing for both of us… Just a warning, you may want to stand back when you see her… she’s been waiting to spit in your face since you left Shiz. If she had hands she’d slap you. So thank Oz she doesn’t.” He took my broom and bag from me, leading me towards the throne room of His Eminence, or as I was about to find out Her Eminence. Shell opened the doors. “Nessarose, there’s someone-“

A cold, unfamiliar voice cut him off, “SHELL, how many times MUST I remind you that in this room I am to be addressed—YOU!” There was a snapping of fingers, and out from behind a long, silver curtain, Nessa was wheeled out by a servant munchkin girl. “You bitch, how DARE you come back here!” Just as promised, she spit at my feet when she was within range.

A much more familiar voice came from the curtain as Nanny waddled out, fat and senile as ever, “Oh, is that you Elphaba? Can’t imagine anyone else Nessa’d talk to like that…”

I stood silent, for a moment, taking in what I was seeing. It had been at least seven years since I’d seen Nessa and Nanny, and while Nanny was still portly, her long silver hair hanging haphazardly around her face, her apron tracked with flour from some attempt at cooking or another, Nessa was regal looking in a frightening sort of way. She was thin, and with her hair pulled back in a tight, efficient bun, her pallid skin stretched over her high bones and hollow cheeks. Deep worry lines and frowned wrinkles creased her forehead, eyes, and mouth, while anger and contempt made her eyes sparkle with disdain. I kneeled beside her chair, as if to emphasize that I was begging. My eyes met briefly with the large amber eyes of the Munchkin girl, who appeared to be frozen in fear at my coloring. I sighed, looking up at Nessa, “Please, don’t hate me for what I did, Nessarose, I had-“

“You had to leave without telling me? Letting Nanny and me worry the life out of ourselves? When the rumors started to spread about the green assassin, father had a heart attack and died, utterly humiliated because he knew only one person in all of Oz could be that person. You left me in my time of need with no one but Nanny and Galinda to watch over me.” My cheeks warmed with a dizzying blush when Nessa mentioned Glinda’s name. Nessa sneered, pushing me away with her knee, “Don’t you tell me that you and that little pawn of the Wizard’s still carried out your disgusting little affair after you left?”

I frowned, not willing to listen to Nessa talk about my Glinda that way, “Don’t you talk about us as if you KNOW what you’re saying.”

“What else is there to know, Elphaba? You’re disgusting. You’re a vile little assassin who runs around bedding other women.”

Shell snickered, “At least she’s getting some. And that Glinda’s not a bad catch.”

“You shut up, Shell!” Nessa yelled through clenched teeth. “What, Elphaba, did you come here beg forgiveness and protection? I know the Gale Force is looking for you. There’s a pretty price on your head right now.”

The dizziness started to creep back into my head with a searing pain, punctuated with each shrill word my sister said. My stomach began to do flip flops, clenching and unclenching, its contents starting to creep up. I gasped, holding my hand against my mouth. “Oh, Oz..” I murmured, collapsing back down to the ground. I gasped as Shell lifted me and carried me, Nanny following close behind, to what used to be my mother’s chambers.  He laid me in the bed and Nanny, having stopped in the bathing quarters to fetch a warm cloth and a bucket, lay the cloth over my forehead. I looked up at her and her eyes were sparkling with mischief.

“Something tells me, Miss Fae, that you have been spending time in a bed that isn’t Miss Glinda’s.” She patted my stomach gently, setting the bucket on the bedside table. I looked up at her, my eyes confused. Nanny clicked her tongue, shaking her head. “Elphaba, you’re pregnant. You’re just like your mother was when she was expecting you. Only, Lurline willing, this one won’t be green.”

I shook my head, “This can’t be possible. I can’t be a mother… I’m not exactly the motherly type.”

Shell laughed softly, “That’s for damn sure. No offense, Fae, just… you’re you…”

“None taken,” I said softly, sitting up. I sighed again and looked from Shell to Nanny. “I didn’t come to ask for protection. I just wanted to let you all know I’m alright and that I’m going into hiding.”

“The hell you are, child. Not when you’re pregnant and certainly NOT alone. Where do you think you can go?” Nanny looked sternly at me.

“To the Vinkus.”

Shell and Nanny stared at me as if I were crazy. “The Vinkus?” Shell asked, incredulous, “The Winkies would just as soon eat you alive than let you in there. Especially with a  child.”

“Oh shut up, Shell, you’ve never met a Winkie.”

“Touchy subject? So is he a Winkie? The father?”

My cheeks burned with obvious truth and he shook his head. “Yes, the father is a Winkie. That’s all you need to know. And yes, I am leaving. If there’s any chance that I live, I have to leave. This is the first place the Gale Forcers will look for me.” A frantic knock on the large front doors cut me off and Shell stood, “I’ll go see who it is.”

Shell reappeared a moment or so later with Glinda, panting and gasping for breath looking upset, “Elphie! Oh Elphie.” She sat on the edge of the bed, embracing me tightly.

“What? What is it, Glinda? You should be up in the Arduennas or at least in the Emerald City where you’re safe…”

The small blonde clutched me tightly, looking up through streaked makeup. She’d been crying. “Fiyero!” She sobbed, “The Gale Forcers caught him at your apartment… he’s… oh Elphie…” She sobbed harder against my chest and all I could do was sit numbly, my arms barely embracing her back. No… Not Yero.
Tags: fiyero/elphaba, gelphie, slash, title: strawberries, wicked

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