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Graphics // Pimping Buttons, Glitter

_imitatinglifethat can be used in your userinfo if you so choose...

_imitatinglife artimitates

_imitatinglife artimitating

_imitatinglife artlife

_imitatinglife artsimitate

_imitatinglife bah

_imitatinglife imitatelifes

_imitatinglife imitatelife

_imitatinglife imitateslifes

_imitatinglife imitatinglife

_imitatinglife lifeart

_imitatinglife lifeimitates

How to post them: each file's name is beside the link text. they're all some derivation of '_imitatinglife' or 'bah' (don't ask) pick which one you like and then replace ____ in this equation with that  filename.

<*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=_imitatinglife"*><*img src="http://users.hanson.net/elekanahmen/_____.jpg"*><*br*><*lj user="_imitatinglife"*><*/a*>

then take out all of the *'s. DO NOT REPLACE THEM WITH SPACES JUST DELETE THEM. The final product should be a button that links to _imitatinglife's userinfo page. If you know how to, please upload the images to your own server and replace the hanson.net url with your own to save my hanson.net bandwidth. Excellent.

those buttons were VERY fun to make with the continuous comments of galindafication, mad_dancer, and any others I showed them to. Have fun with those.  I will soon be making an FAQ for _imitatinglife so that people understand what they're getting themselves into.

I also made, today, a graphic for GLITTER, Kristin Chenoweth's fan club!

Proud Member of Glitter

The Official Kristin Chenoweth Fanclub!

made by

How to post:

<*a href="http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Kristin_Chenoweth_Fanclub/"*><*img src="http://users.hanson.net/elekanahmen/glitters.jpg"*><*br*>Proud Member of Glitter<*br*>
The Official Kristin Chenoweth Fanclub!<*br*>
made by <*lj user="elekanahmen"*>

Again, copy, paste and DELETE the *'s. Keep the credit or I remove your balls even if you don't have a pair. Also, please please if you know how, upload it to your own server ^_^ Enjoy.
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